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Zayo’s Top 6 Digital Transformation Blogs & Resources


Digital transformation has been a hot topic since the dawn of the computer revolution. However, in the past few years, we’ve seen transformation efforts accelerate across industries. In fact, IDC forecasts total worldwide digital transformation spending will reach $6.8 trillion by 2023.

The pandemic and the remote work revolution have certainly furthered transformation efforts. What some companies once saw as an item toward the bottom of their IT to-do list has quickly become a top priority. With Gartner estimating that nearly one-third of workers worldwide will be remote in 2022, organizations and IT departments face ongoing connectivity, security, productivity, and collaboration challenges.

Here at Zayo, we’re keeping a pulse on all things digital transformation. Read on for a round-up of six of our most popular recent digital transformation resources.

Report: Future-Proof Your Infrastructure, Accelerate to Multi-Cloud

Today’s forward-thinking enterprises require robust communications infrastructure to help support the technologies they need to thrive.  Read our expert guide to explore the trends and technologies driving today’s digital transformations.

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eBook: The Winning Formula for an Enterprise Network Environment

Private networks help IT executives maintain the critical balance of control and agility they need to help their organizations succeed. Check out Zayo’s eBook to discover how private networks give IT teams greater network ownership while keeping operational costs low.

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Podcast: Ciena Insights, Episode 46: Zayo’s Approach to Digital Transformation

We teamed up with our friends over at Ciena in 2021 for a podcast episode about Zayo’s approach to digital transformation. Zayo SVP Dennis Kyle speaks to Ciena’s Steve Alexander about the importance of the network in transformation efforts and more in this episode.

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Blog: Delivering Experiences via Digital Edge

IT infrastructure has gone through several evolutions in the past few decades – and we’re on track for another big change. Our blog discusses what this change will look like, how distributed edge addresses common friction points with today’s centralized infrastructure, and more.

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Map: Zayo Fiber Network Map

Built for speed, quality, scalability, and control, Zayo’s fiber is fueling the innovations of the future. Explore a map of the largest independently owned fiber network including approximately 13 million fiber miles with many more in progress.

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Blog: Selecting the Right Infrastructure for the Digital Era

With digital transformation no longer simply an option for today’s enterprises, organizations must choose the right infrastructure to support their digital journey. Our blog dives into the cloud and communication infrastructure needed to power digitization and spurs innovation.

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Take a Deeper Digital Transformation Dive

Interested in learning more about how companies across industries are positioning themselves for success with the help of digital transformation efforts? Keep an eye on the Zayo Hub for more digital transformation content.

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