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Zayo’s Fibre: Supporting Innovation Sparked by Adversity

By Richard Vosper, VP, Business Development, Europe

History has shown that adversity often serves as an inflection point, accelerating innovation in one area that leads to breakthroughs in another and, ultimately, resulting in a new standard way of life. Adversity may come in the form of major social, economic, environmental shifts, or, as we are living through today, a global health crisis. The challenges presented by the pandemic are significant, but organisations that are able to adapt quickly to the emerging paradigm shifts will be well-positioned for future success.

Just one example of a recent major shift is the transition from an office to a work-from-home environment for many individuals and organisations. The ability to connect and collaborate remotely, whether within our own communities or across the world, has never been more critical. Navigating today’s “new normal,” an environment with limited in-person interactions, the future of global trade and commerce, as well as workforce development, education and healthcare, will be dependent on the reliability of our network infrastructure. New technological innovations such as 5G Mobile, IoT & Smart City, Connected Transport & Autonomous VehiclesSmart RetailTelehealth and E-learning, each offering advanced solutions to modern daily needs, will also depend on digital fibre for successful scaling in the coming years.

Digital fibre infrastructure has been crucial in supporting organisations and individuals through the current crisis, enabling business, healthcare and education to continue, while also helping friends, families and loved ones maintain contact. Looking beyond today’s challenges, all aspects of how we live and work will become more and more dependent on the connectivity which fibre networks provide. These networks require continued development and collaboration among a variety of stakeholders, including fibre connectivity providers, policymakers, local and regional governments in order to optimise budgets and maximise opportunities for individuals, organisations and communities today and in the future.

As a global top 10 Internet, Cloud connectivity and fibre optic provider, Zayo has supported the increased need for digital capacity, assurance and higher-speed connectivity. While this need was accelerated by the pandemic, it will certainly grow as the digital transformation continues to gain momentum. We are committed to partnering with all key stakeholders to bring global innovation to every doorstep by building and operating high-capacity, resilient and secure ‘open access’ fibre infrastructure. As we tackle the challenges of today, Zayo’s fibre will help fuel business innovation, increase the sustainability and inclusivity of public services through digitisation and connect communities – ultimately enriching the well-being and prosperity of all.