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JAC + Zayo Enable More Efficient Routing with a Managed Edge Solution

Watch this video to hear from Alexis Pomierski, Executive Director at JAC about the experience working with Zayo and how the companies worked together to deliver a managed edge solution for a low-latency holding firm.

Zayo – A Shared Vision of Sustainability

Zayo is driving industry-leading environmental, social, and governance (ESG) ambitions, including a commitment to net zero emissions by 2030. Mike Nold, executive vice president of corporate development and strategy, explains how sustainability helps Zayo thrive.

Quick Service Restaurants Overview

Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) are cultivating their digital innovation and investing in the technologies that benefit their customers, their partners, and their employees.

Zayo Quarterly Highlights

Zayo’s been in the press a lot this quarter. Forbes, Channel Vision, Telecom Ramblings, The Fast Mode… check it all out here!

How Zayo’s Transforming Service Delivery

Hear from Zayo’s service delivery champion, Bryan Fleming, about the investments Zayo is making in service delivery to create a better customer experience.

Next-Generation Technology Trends for Network Growth

From cloud connection to 5G adoption, Zayo has everything in its toolkit to expand your fiber density. Watch the video below to hear from our experts on what’s next for network growth.

How Zayo’s Customers are Positioned to Face the Recession

Businesses of all kinds are gearing up for a recession. Zayo leaders share how our customers are poised to face the recession.

Is Your Network “Healthy”?

High-performance enterprises need strong, healthy networks that are both structured and managed to deliver exceptional end-user experiences and better business outcomes.

What Customer Service Means to Zayo

DJ Leckwold, Senior Vice President of Customer Success at Zayo, explains the investments Zayo is making in customer service.

Just Six Examples of How Businesses Can Improve Communications with UCaaS

It’s time for cloud voice! It improves on-the-go communications with your customers, it spans geographies, it manages emergencies, and it supports all devices. Learn how here.

Zayo’s Network Enhancements

Zayo leaders discuss our latest network investments and the impact of these investments.

Zayo’s Commitment to the Channel

Hear what Zayo’s leaders have to say about our channel partners, channel program, and why companies should partner with Zayo.

You are fully connected. Why is it so hard to connect all the dots?

With multi-site offices, bank branches, and ATM networks, today’s financial services institutions have more distributed endpoints than ever. Learn how Zayo Managed Edge helps you juggle it all.

Introducing “Network Observability” – putting network monitoring on steroids

How many plates do you have spinning right now? IoT devices are generating more traffic, applications span geographic regions, and you are managing data from more vendors than ever. No single tool was designed for this volume of information, until now.

Customer Success Profile: Marie Raikes

Raikes and her team under Bryan Fleming have re-engineered the service delivery workflow by product group. Now service delivery experts can move through orders quicker, more accurately, and more cleanly. 

You Didn’t Sign Up for This

We know the industry is changing. Carrier mergers can have a number of harmful impacts on customers. Zayo can meet you where you are and help you switch to a more reliable network without changing your technology.