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Industry Overview: Airlines

Zayo’s robust global network, combined with its Tier-1 Internet backbone, Cloud on-ramps and enhanced Software Defined Network (SDN) solutions can assist Airlines in accelerating their digital transformation and equip them to meet their challenges. 

High-Performing, Secure Connections to AWS

In 2016, a prominent European sports network, with over 20 million unique viewers worldwide, was given the rights to a series of sporting events. The customer needed a reliable and secure connection to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in order to leverage the scalable benefits of AWS’s video transcoding, packaging and distribution. CloudLink by Zayo brought this solution to life.

How to Choose a DDoS Protection Solution

Since the start of the pandemic, cybercrimes like DDoS attacks have been on the rise. While this trend is worrying, investing in the proper protection can go a long way. Our eBook, 5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a DDoS Protection Vendor, can provide you with the guidance you need to make an informed decision.

4 Ways to Tell Your Network is Ready for Digital Transformation

In order to transform and be ready for future transformation, you need the right network. Is your network ready for digital transformation? Here are four ways to tell.

Introducing Zayo Enterprise Solutions: Opening New Opportunities for Our Channel Partners

Through Zayo Enterprise Solutions, our partners can now bring future-ready, secure, cost-effective solutions to customers in the first set of key regional markets.

Financial Sector Overview

The financial sector is undergoing a digital transformation driven by massive innovations, new technologies and shifting customer expectations.

Route Overview: New York to Chicago

Digital transformation demands advanced networking and consistent, high-performing connectivity. Zayo’s New York to Chicago fiber route offers the newest, most secure and fastest path available – guaranteed.

A Hybrid Cloud Solution in Government Healthcare

A global Systems Integrator (SI), offering digital and cloud transformation services across over 40 industries, had a complex problem to solve for a national healthcare customer in Europe. They turned to Zayo for the solution.

Introducing Zayo’s Shielded Virtual Network: Our Newest Enterprise Internet Bundle

Our midsize and enterprise customers are dealing with more pressure on bandwidth, security concerns, and an increasing reliance on cloud services. Whether you are transferring data to the cloud, moving data across your private network or the public internet, or making sure your business has the capacity it needs, it’s critical to have a network that can handle the demands. Enter Zayo Enterprise Solutions.

Shielded Virtual Network (SVN) and Cloud Connectivity

Zayo provides a modern, secure, and affordable means for your locations to communicate, share data, access the Internet and connect to cloud services. Introducing our Shielded Virtual Network (SVN) – a dedicated, fast, protected, fiber-based private network solution.

Industry Overview: Video Broadcasting

Broadcasting is experiencing a content transformation as the sector strives to usher in new customer experiences. This shift in distribution sees broadcasting companies moving to the edge to provide their consumers access from anywhere: apps, websites, and streaming platforms.

Market Overview: Dallas

Zayo is a Tier-1 Internet and networking force in the Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) metro. We did the hard work. We built and operate one of the largest fiber-optic networks in the area – and now we will put it to work for you – with a local support team who’ll be with you through every step of your network’s evolution.

How Network Providers are Supporting their Customers: Part 1

In the first post of the series, we explore the first of four critical areas of opportunity that the best network providers will deliver in 2022. In our next three posts, we’ll explore other opportunities where network capabilities, capacity, and reach will change to help organizations pursue new opportunities.

5 Things Commercial Tenants Care about When it Comes to their Network

Attracting and retaining commercial tenants is now more difficult than ever. As a property manager, you can set yourself apart by understanding your building’s communication network, and ensuring that it meets the needs of these businesses.

Canadian Federal & Provincial Governments Networking Solution Overiew

As the leading partner and supplier of communications infrastructure to the Canadian Public Sector, Zayo is pleased to offer a suite of networking solutions and integrated security services that gives the Government of Canada a unique opportunity to transition to a cost effective, future-proofed, reliable and secure digital infrastructure. Our network connects to more than 400 markets across North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia leveraging multiple diverse and low latency cross-border fibres and transpacific and transatlantic routes. 

Zayo’s Infrastructure Supports UCHealth’s Advances in Patient Care

UCHealth needed a connectivity provider that excels in network infrastructure solutions the same way UCHealth excels in patient care. Read more about the Zayo designed and installed a Private Dedicated Network (PDN) solution.