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Don’t let DDoS Attacks Lead to a Double-dip Crisis


New areas of vulnerability have taken over

A recent global survey conducted by Insignia has shown that many organizations are worried about the impact of a new crisis on their operations, be it a wholly new threat or a second wave of the coronavirus. Sixty-two percent of the businesses surveyed reported that they were more vulnerable to a crisis than pre-COVID-19.

This isn’t a huge surprise – depending on where your operations are geographically located, you’re likely to be preparing for, in the middle of or managing a coronavirus outbreak recovery. The virus has seen workforces and workflows disrupted, supply chains strained and key staff operating in crisis mode for many months. The result is an overall diminished capacity for organizations and individuals to respond to additional challenges.

Cybercriminals are still on the rise

This problem is magnified as other threats have not been furloughed by the pandemic. Cybercriminals have taken advantage of reduced corporate capacity and staff working from home to launch attacks against corporate infrastructures. Such attacks have been made easier by the emergence of botnets for hire and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) rentals.

Recently, the FBI warned private sector organizations of a rise in DDoS cyberattacks exploiting built-in network protocols, which can cause major disruptions in operations and impact services. And while companies have focused on protecting their public customer access resources, the mass migration to VPN-enabled remote working has given those with malign intent a new prime target, one that could effectively knock out an entire business operation if successful.

Investing in DDoS protection is absolutely necessary

  • Zayo’s cloud-based suite of DDoS Mitigation Services provides advanced detection and mitigation technologies to combat DDoS attacks.
  • The products, which offer three levels of tailored protection, provide an important layer of defense and monitoring on Zayo’s international Tier 1 IP security-enabled network.
  • Through updated software and hardware deployments, Zayo can identify, drop and reroute malicious traffic, while still allowing the flow of real data to the sites.

Zayo has taken a unique approach in its DDoS platform design. A DDoS subscription immediately protects all of the customers’ circuits with Zayo across the whole network, rather than on a per-circuit basis. This allows customers to realize cost savings by purchasing aggregate protection that scales based on actual typical customer usage. Once enabled, the solution is seamless to the end customer as well, with no need to configure GRE tunnels or proxies to transport clean traffic back. The subscription also eliminates geographic reliance on a scrubbing location or capacity, as a customer can leverage the entire global scrubbing footprint during an attack. This allows for the mitigation of attacks where they originate. During an attack, Zayo can surgically mitigate impacts against affected IP addresses without disrupting an entire network by selectively scrubbing as small as a single IP address under attack.

The Zayo Solution

The Zayo solution also uses advanced behavioral analytic technology, which can look deeply into each packet in order to decide if it should be dropped. Behavioral analytics are less prone to false positives than simple rate-based analysis. In addition to low-latency capabilities, the Zayo solution offers service assured by Zayo’s 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC), ensuring customers are receiving maximum benefit and expert support from Zayo’s DDoS protection.

DDoS mitigation is part of Zayo’s focus on an expanded portfolio of cyber security offerings in addition to an already proven IP infrastructure. Only a continually evolving cyber security plan can protect an enterprise from these recurring threats. As the attacks become more sophisticated and unpredictable, Zayo is committed to staying a step ahead.