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6 Ways Zayo Supports Employees with Serious Illness


One of our core values at Zayo is to Be Authentic. This means fostering an environment where employees feel welcome to show up as their full selves. At the same time, we want to create an environment that supports employee well-being – even in the toughest of circumstances, including in the face of serious illness. 

To that end, this year Zayo executives signed the Working with Cancer Pledge, an agreement drafted by our business partner, advertising agency Publicis, that reads:  

“To make sure the people we work with, our partners, are doing the right thing for their employees. We all have a role to play in this effort, and together we can have an impact on people’s lives, actually fighting the stigma of cancer in the workplace.” 

Zayo wholeheartedly adheres to this commitment. While life can be unpredictable, your employer’s commitment to your well-being shouldn’t be. 

Here are six things Zayo offers employees to support their well-being in the face of an unpredictable health crisis and beyond. 

1. Hybrid, flexible work environment. 

Studies have shown that hybrid employees are happier employees. On average, they’re eating better, getting more sleep, exercising more, and reporting improved mental health compared to pre-pandemic when they worked fully in-office. While we appreciate in-person collaboration, we understand the advantages of a flexible work environment for our employees’ productivity and well-being. This flexibility is even more important when employees are facing serious health problems. 

Overall, we pride ourselves on building a culture of trust and flexibility that values our employees’ well-being. Our hybrid and remote work policies reflect those values. 

2. Virtual resources. 

With one 2023 survey revealing that over 90% of Americans used telehealth in the past year, providing employees with quality digital options for healthcare has become even more important. Telehealth helps fill in the gaps in in-person care and provides a convenient option for appointments that don’t need to be conducted in person. 

Modern Health offers employees tailored, digital-first health and well-being support in areas like mental health, professional and financial well-being, and physical well-being. Through this platform, Zayo employees can access eight therapy sessions, eight coaching or well-being sessions, unlimited support group sessions, and much more. Serious illness can impact a person both physically and mentally, and here at Zayo, we want to ensure our employees are cared for in both aspects in the face of the unexpected. 

Omada is another digital health provider Zayo partners with to offer employees ways to manage their lifestyle and reduce the risk of chronic conditions. Taking care of our employees doesn’t just mean being there when health issues arise, it means helping to ensure that they reduce their health risks.

3. Health advocacy and support. 

During a health crisis, it’s comforting to know that your employer has your back. Here at Zayo, we like to provide opportunities for our employees to understand their benefits, speak to medical professionals, and tap into other online resources. 

There are a few ways Zayo supports employees and empowers them to advocate for their health: 

  • Dedicated Zayo support team. Our internal benefits team is there to help walk employees through their benefits and how they may apply to their unique needs and health situations. 
  • Expert medical opinions via Teladoc. Input from experts can help inform and support employees and their dependents when they receive a difficult diagnosis, providing secondary medical treatment and decision support. 
  • zWell+ Program. This well-being and engagement program is designed to help employees live their best lives with virtual resources that cover physical, emotional, financial, and career well-being. This program helps employees set goals, discover strengths and areas for improvement, and provides a platform for communicating with other Zayo employees worldwide. 
  • Cigna One Guide. This virtual solution offers employees a highly personalized view of their health. It combines analytics and human knowledge to give employees the tools they need to live healthier and save money. 

4. Community support groups. 

Zayo is proud to offer a number of employee resource groups (ERGs), providing safe spaces for employees to build community, discuss their thoughts on pertinent issues, and become more involved. One of these groups is our Mental Health and Disability Advocacy ERG. 

A few initiatives started by this group include: 

  • Safe To Tell offers a place for Zayo employees to anonymously submit a question or challenge to other Zayo employees for unbiased peer support. 
  • Green Bandana Project was started by our Mental Health and Disability Advocacy ERG to promote mental health advocacy in the workplace and reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. 

5. Insurance options 

Zayo offers the following insurance benefits on top of other health insurance offerings: 

  • Voluntary critical illness insurance: This benefit gives employees peace of mind in the face of critical illnesses like cancer, mitigating the financial burden of medical bills during challenging times. 
  • Voluntary accident, legal, and hospital indemnity insurance: Additional voluntary insurance options allow employees to opt into further coverage and financial protection for a variety of health-related situations including accidents, legal matters such as will and power-of-attorney document preparation, and hospital stays. 
  • Company-paid life and disability insurance: These benefits offer further peace of mind for employees and their families in the face of life-altering scenarios. 

6. No-cost medical testing. 

Health scares are stressful enough – cost should never prohibit our employees from receiving a diagnosis. Zero offers employees no-cost access to critical medical tests including CT scans, lab work, or MRIs. This offering helps make preventative and diagnostic tests more affordable for all employees. 

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