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Zayo Sub-Processors

I) Sub-processors within Zayo Group – Note that Zayo personnel could be involved in the support and maintenance of Zayo infrastructure used to support the services or offerings of services provided to Customer. All such personnel are subject to confidentiality and background checks consistent with the standard contractual obligations. Zayo has 2021 EU Standard Contractual Clauses in place between the different legal entities of the Zayo Group. Current list:

  1. Zayo Infrastructure Spain S.L. (Spain)
  2. Zayo Italy S.R.L (Italy)
  3. Zayo Infrastructure France SA (France)
  4. Zayo Infrastructure Ireland Limited (Ireland)
  5. Zayo Infrastructure Belgium NV (Belgium)
  6. Zayo Infrastructure Deutschland GmbH (Germany)
  7. Zayo Infrastructure Nederland B.V. (The Netherlands)
  8. Zayo Infrastructure Denmark ApS (Denmark)
  9. Zayo Infrastructure Bulgaria EOOD (Bulgaria)
  10. Zayo Group, LLC (United States)

II) Sub-processors outside of Zayo Group (third party) – Note that, for purposes of the DPA/SCC’s, the data centers of these sub-processors are located only in the United States. Zayo has EU Standard Contractual Clauses in place with these sub-processors.

  1., inc. (United States)
  2. Snowflake Inc. (United States)
  3. Amazon Web Services, Inc. (United States)
  4. Microsoft (United States)