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System Integrator Webinar


Zayo partnered with Ciena and, Omdia and Light Reading to host a webinar event for System Integrators on ‘Partnering to protect the profitability of your contracts through their lifecycle.

Julian Watson, Omdia Principal Analyst led the discussion panel of Will Rhodes, Carrier Managed Services Director at Ciena, Carl Peters, VP of Solutions Engineering at Zayo Europe, and James Evans, VP of Sales for Europe at Zayo.

They covered, frequently overlooked but critical topics, such as:

  • When selecting the network services that best fit the requirements of enterprise customers > What are the common mistakes for network services procurement and how can they be avoided?
  • All ambitious enterprises are on a transformation journey, albeit at different stages of that journey. The shift to hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, and pervasive AI will put new and unprecedented demand on enterprise networks. During a contract, enterprise requirements may change due to geographical expansion or simply changing business priorities. > How can the need for flexibility be catered for?
  • The sweet spot for System Integrators is IT, while the core strength of companies like Zayo is networking. Both also operate in a wider ecosystem of providers, such as hyperscalers, that serve enterprises. > How does Zayo align what it offers with IT and collaborate with System Integrators to provide comprehensive solutions to enterprises?

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