DDoS Protection: A Detection & Mitigation Solution


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Protect your network from DDoS attacks

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) threats are becoming more frequent and sophisticated, requiring more protection than standard techniques can offer. Traditional security tools such as firewalls and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) are useless against DDoS attacks. Protect your network and business from DDoS attacks with Zayo DDoS Protection.

How Our Solution Works

DDoS Protection is a network-based cloud solution. Advanced detection and mitigation technology minimizes the impact of DDoS attacks by re-routing all traffic to one or more scrubbing centers. Only clean traffic is delivered.

Detection Mitigation

DDos Protection is a four-stage cycle with always-on monitoring that gives enterprises the security and peace of mind to run their businesses.


Establish normal network traffic patterns and continue ongoing profiling.


Advanced detection technologies diagnosis traffic and trigger mitigation options when malicious traffic is detected.


Cleaning process begins, all traffic is routed to a Zayo scrubbing center to remove malicious traffic while allowing legitimate traffic to pass through.


After the attack is over and traffic has remained clean for 24 hours, Zayo returns traffic to its original path.

Enterprise Benefits

Leading Performance

Tier-1 IP network connectivity and security enables enterprises to run their businesses effortlessly.

Cost Savings

Specialized equipment and security experts reduce enterprise costs by utilizing cloud-based protection.

Superior Defense

Dynamic and evolving always-on protection at the network edge with industry leading monitoring, detection and mitigation.

Innovative Solution

Scalable and flexible protection including authorized, automatic and self-mitigation support options.

Find the Right DDoS Protection for You

Don’t think you need DDoS Protection? Consider this…

Everyone is at risk for a DDoS attack.

  • 41% of enterprise, government and education (EGE) organizations experienced DDoS attacks in 2017
  • Over half of enterprise, government, and organizations had firewalls or IPS devices fail or contribute to an outage during a DDoS attack
  • There are 2000 DDoS attacks attempted daily

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