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Our support team are available by phone for immediate customer assistance on any and all service issues. Customers can also use our live chat tool available via the Tranzact user portal.

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In addition to our Tranzact portal, live chat, and phone support, we have a coming library of always-available online support resources and service enhancement applications.

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Monitor your network with online service and support applications with the Tranzact user portal.

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Our support team is available by phone for immediate customer assistance at 866-364-6033.

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Our trusted experts have decades of experience and put trust at the core of every relationship.

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Coming Soon - Zayo Help Center

The Zayo Help Center will contain a wealth of help, including manuals and tutorials for our services and applications.

Dedicated Internet Access Product Overview

Critical data and business success increasingly depend on the quality of network connections. With companies shifting to remote and hybrid work environments, embracing bandwidth-hungry applications and moving data to the cloud, now more than ever the Internet must provide the highest levels of availability and reliability to support mission-critical business functions.

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DDoS Protection Technical Overview

Zayo’s Distributed Denial of Service Protection is a network-based service that proactively monitors customer traffic at the Zayo network edge, detects and mitigated DDoS attack activity upstream of the customer network, and eliminated malicious elements from normal traffic. The service provides an alert system to keep the customer aware of DDoS attacks while Internet traffic flow is unaffected. 

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Customer Capabilities Overview

Read more about Zayo’s Customer Capabilities

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