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Level Up Your Network Infrastructure

It doesn’t matter how well a game is crafted if the underlying platform does not have the proper supporting infrastructure. Behind every great gaming platform are high-quality and reliable networking solutions built to provide gaming developers and users with a seamless experience.

Zayo offers dark and lit fiber, colocation, private cloud solutions, high-bandwidth internet and more to enable customers to deliver the optimal gaming experience. Improve your latency-sensitive gaming applications with Zayo’s expansive fiber network and Tier-1 IP backbone.

Fast, Consistent and Reliable Experience

Nothing’s worse than lag and high-latency in a game where milliseconds are the difference between winning and losing. Deliver your customers the best online gaming experience by bringing servers closer to the edge through our expansive global fiber network.

Scale Quickly and Easily

Demand for bandwidth and data processing capabilities is only increasing. Leverage Zayo’s Cloud and Colocation solutions and never worry about restricting your company’s growth. Zayo operates a growing number of colocation facilities that enable us to manage the exponential growth of computing power and storage space needed for multi-player games.

Resilient and Secure Cloud Connectivity

To ensure a high-performance connection to AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform (GCP), implement a direct connection with Zayo’s CloudLink. CloudLink’s consistent speeds of up to 100G provide a better user experience for gaming platforms relying on cloud technology.

Transport Video Feeds

Share the action with your customers by transporting data to anywhere in the world utilizing Zayo’s Media Networks.
Zayo’s Tier-1 network has direct connections to every other network on the internet. High-performance video feeds power faster, real-time experiences with minimal hops.

Occasional Use Connectivity

Dedicated bandwidth solutions and flexible connectivity wherever you need it, whenever you need it. Connect to major hosting venues through our leading fiber network for short-term solutions ranging from one minute to one month.

Future-proof your communications infrastructure: your gaming experience is only as good as your network connectivity.

Network Services

Connect all your locations to the internet and to cloud providers.


Connect to thousands of data centers, on-net buildings and service providers across North America and Europe.

Cloud Infrastructure

Virtualize your service with value-added cloud infrastructure options.

Explore Zayo’s Fiber Network