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Our end-to-end Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution is delivered on our global owned optical network and supports the secure transmission of information between multiple corporate locations. Our strong IP/MPLS backbone and deep metro fiber is a cost-effective and reliable way to ensure your critical traffic reaches its destination quickly and securely.

You can support high-bandwidth, real-time or near real-time applications with multiple classes of offerings and create prioritization schemes to handle some or all of your traffic. Our IP-VPN provides secure Layer 3 connectivity between your locations using private IP routing and leverages our QoS-enabled IP/MPLS network. We also maintain optimal security by uniquely identifying and separating customer VPNs from all other traffic.

  • Solution Overview
  • Reliability and Security
  • Flexibility
  • Layer 3 connectivity across IP/MPLS network
  • End-to-end secure transport solution
  • Intercity section travels over owned backbone
  • End-to-end metro routes on expansive metro fiber
  • 50ms reroute on network backbone
  • Customer VPNs uniquely identified and separated from all other traffic
  • QoS to prioritize some or all traffic
  • SLAs for availability, latency, packet loss, jitter
  • 24/7/365 NCC
  • Management options providing fine-grained network control
  • Options for diverse laterals into customer locations
  • IPV6-enabled
  • Burst option available (measured at 95% percentile)
  • Fully integrated with remote access client
  • Option to bundle VPN service with other Zayo transport solutions or Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

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