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Zayo Makes Connecting to Euronext Faster Than Ever


Now is a great time to be a Zayo customer seeking financial exchange connectivity in Europe. On July 11, we announced the launch of our new Zeus subsea route. Today, we are excited to share the launch of three new low latency routes in Europe following the recent move of the Euronext exchange to Bergamo IT3, Italy. Zayo delivered the industry’s fastest route connecting the key financial exchanges of the Deutsche Börse in Frankfurt FR2 and the Swiss Exchange SIX in Zurich ZH4, as well as from the Euronext located in Bergamo IT3 to the Swiss Exchange in Zurich.

map Frankfurt Bergamo ULL Route Overview

These routes are particularly significant in the financial services segment given Euronext’s recent move of its data center from London to Bergamo. The connection will play a pivotal role in facilitating high-frequency trading for Zayo’s financial services customers. The FR2-ZH4 route has achieved speeds faster than any other fibre connection in the region, and ongoing improvements are planned to further enhance Zayo’s newest, most optimally-designed asset.

“We specifically designed these routes to meet the latency, capacity, diversity, and security needs of our financial sector clients and partners in Europe,” said Erik Thomson, Zayo’s Senior Vice President of Sales in Europe. “Our customers trust Zayo’s ULL assets to maximise digital trading, improve profitability, make their operations even smarter, and deliver a better user experience.”

Faster Routes for Speedier Trades

Speed can be particularly important for trading customers needing the lowest possible delivery times, as it can be the difference between making a profit or a loss. Zayo continues to grow and advance its network to ensure customers benefit from the latest network technology and geography.

White Glove Customer Support

Customers can rely on a superior experience with Zayo’s dedicated NOC, the same experts handling Zayo’s existing Spread Networks customers, that are specifically trained to support Zayo’s low latency assets 24/7.

Connections to Zayo’s Extensive, Global Fiber Network

The new route joins Zayo’s global network of high speed routes connecting key commercial and financial exchanges across major markets, including London, New York, Chicago, and Tokyo, and extending to 400 global markets across Europe, Asia, North America, and Latin America.

These new routes are just one more way Zayo is connecting our customers to what’s next. Learn more about how we support our financial services customers here.

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