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Telehouse Builds Upon its Legacy as a Data Center Powerhouse with Zayo’s Partnership


Telehouse has been a premier internet hub in the UK for decades. With aspirations to expand and continue providing top-tier services, Telehouse tapped its trusted partner Zayo to support its goals.

Telehouse has a longstanding reputation as a key internet hub in the UK and beyond, having opened Europe’s very first purpose-built colocation data center facility in London in 1990. The data center powerhouse provides important organizations with the internet services they need to keep their businesses operating.

Namely, Telehouse has been a critical resource for customers in the London finance sector, which contributes to nearly 10% of the UK economy’s total output and is the third-largest financial services sector in the OECD. This sector requires reliable, high-capacity connectivity to keep operations running and the economy strong. What’s more, the switch to remote and hybrid work has increased the demand for low-latency connectivity for customers across industries.

In order to provide the necessary bandwidth and keep growing, Telehouse tapped their long-time partners at Zayo.

Telehouse partnered with Zayo to:

  • Leverage Zayo’s knowledge about dark fiber to connect outside of the current Telehouse campus environment.
  • Tap into Zayo’s existing metro fiber network, especially in more congested areas like the Docklands in London, where Telehouse’s main campus is located.
  • Build on Zayo’s expertise to implement diverse routes and navigate constraints from local authorities and landowners.
  • Enable a growing customer base to gain fast, seamless access to multiple cloud and connectivity providers.
  • Add up to 100Gbps of bandwidth across European sites, increasing the mission-critical bandwidth capabilities existing within Telehouse data center facilities.
  • Connect Telehouse South – the newest data center – into the Docklands campus to allow customers access to the low-latency and highly-connected ecosystem Telehouse is known for.
  • Continue expansion into the UK and France with the underlay technologies needed to grow.

“Our goal at Telehouse is not to sell real estate but to build connected ecosystems and increase connectivity for customers looking to connect across sites or to the cloud,” says Nick Layzell, Client Services Director at Telehouse Europe. “By combining our secure, connected ecosystem with Zayo’s innovative fibre solutions, we are not only providing customers with a trusted environment to host their infrastructure, but a reliable, scalable, and high-capacity network to meet evolving business demands.”

A Peek Into the Future

Looking ahead, Telehouse wants to expand and attract new customers by providing the services customers are looking for – whether it’s cloud access, transit, or other types of layer 2 and 3 connectivity.

The team at Telehouse wants to facilitate an environment where customers can benefit from next-generation technological digital transformations using IoT, artificial intelligence, and the continued movement to hybrid cloud environments as the demand for these technologies grows.

These technologies require companies to gather, create, and transfer more data than ever before. Zayo’s expertise with high-capacity networks equipped to handle massive amounts and movements of data is increasingly important as Telehouse’s customers transform.

In addition, Zayo will help bring enterprise companies to the location with our extensive metro fiber network, preventing obstacles to the data center and enabling a wider ecosystem through the effective combination of Telehouse and Zayo infrastructure. Our continued partnership will encourage growth and expansion and help Telehouse to attract new customers and support existing ones.

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