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Smartaira offers the services multi-dwelling properties need most with the help of Zayo fiber


Once a top provider of in-building laundry machines, Smartaira has shifted its focus a few times over the past few decades to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the MDU market. While in-building laundry has remained popular, today’s MDU dwellers ask for another amenity even more – WiFi.

More specifically, the current trend in MDU WiFi offerings is bulk Internet. The value of bulk Internet for property managers and owners is that it’s a cheaper option, brings a higher return from ancillary revenue, and increases a property’s value. Customers benefit from having Internet access upon move-in. Smartaira manages this offering from end to end.

“Today’s MDU customer is looking for increased capacity, frictionless, zero-touch customer onboarding and highly reliable and scalable infrastructure,” says Brian Wolverton, CTO at Smartaira, “We plan to continue to meet and exceed customer needs with our offerings.”

To continue providing their customers with the Internet solutions they’re looking for, Smartaira needed the fiber infrastructure to support these solutions.

Smartaira partnered with Zayo to:

  • Take advantage of Zayo’s reliable fiber backbone to power its MDU Internet offerings now and in the future
  • Expand into new markets leveraging Zayo’s expansive long-haul fiber network and dense metro fiber network
  • Enjoy a like-minded partnership with an equally dynamic, growth-oriented fiber provider
  • Boost its reputation in the industry as a best-in-class ISP by continuing to provide high-performance amenities
  • Power its state-of-the-art internet solutions for MDUs including managed WiFi
  • Support changes in the market in the future, using Zayo’s scalable fiber solution to prepare for what’s next

Looking ahead

To remain on the cutting edge, Smartaira’s leaders are eyeing an emerging trend in MDU Internet offerings – managed WiFi. Unlike previous offerings, managed WiFi allows residents to access WiFi from anywhere on a property, not just in their units. This technology is poised to overtake the market in a few years’ time, and luckily Smartaira has the fiber foundation in place today to become a leading provider of managed WiFi.

“We plan to continue expansion into new markets and verticals with the help of Zayo,” says Dan Terheggen, CEO at Smartaira, “Zayo will be a key player in assisting us to develop a cutting-edge national network while staying ahead of the competition in speed and reliability.”