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Our Purpose Connects Us


by Kimberly Storin, Chief Marketing Officer

As a marketing executive at many great companies over the years, I can personally attest to the power of a well-articulated “brand purpose” in driving an organization’s operational, cultural, marketing, and sales successes. At its core, our brand purpose should shape how we connect with people, colleagues, and customers alike. Ironically, that has been the very essence of our own self-exploration here at Zayo. It’s all about connection.

Having recently undergone an organizational transformation, we saw an opportune moment to ask ourselves what we want our brand purpose to be. We put our own organization under the microscope to better articulate why we exist, what we deliver, and how we can continue to better serve our customers.

We are connectors

The examination and articulation of Zayo’s purpose, foundational to our forward-looking vision, began with an exploration of our past. Founded by industry veterans of the companies that constructed the earliest backbone of the Internet, Zayo’s journey has been guided by an aspirational vision for connectivity. With a disciplined focus on high-bandwidth, fiber-based infrastructure, and communications services, Zayo began acquiring fiber-rich companies and augmenting network density.

We connected the dots

We grew, knowing that data capture and processing technologies would evolve rapidly and demand for data transmission would multiply exponentially along with it.

We connected the world

We expanded to every major market in North America and many in Western Europe to provide light-speed data transmission infrastructure with dense, high-quality networks.

At every phase of this journey, at every point of connection, our strategic evolution has been shaped by anticipated technological change and subsequent shifts in the needs of our customers and the customers they serve. If we can imagine what’s next, we can be a nexus for what’s next.

Having recognized this as core to our DNA, our purpose, our ‘why,’ became clear…

Our Purpose:
We connect what’s next

As part of this process, we have worked to capture why our customers choose us and where we can continue to evolve to deliver value in this rapidly changing world. At Zayo we offer:

  • A future-ready network where you need it.
  • Trusted experts committed to your success.
  • Connectivity solutions tailored to your needs.

“We put our own organization under the microscope to better articulate why we exist, what we deliver, and how we can continue to better serve our customers.”

What does this mean for Zayo? The world is constantly evolving, and along with it, the possibilities and capabilities of global connectivity. Today, consumers are harnessing paradigm-shifting technologies like AI, VR & 5G. Our customers are ushering in a new era of ride-sharing, food delivery, and freight transportation with autonomous vehicles. Harnessing the power of the edge station to revolutionize data transfer between AV and data centers or the Cloud, they partner with us for a fast fiber network directly to storage — an integral connection to a driverless future. For some customers, that creativity doesn’t stop with the boundaries of Earth. The future is both new and existing fiber being leveraged by our customers to take internet traffic from Earth into space and back to Earth again. For the communications infrastructure to get there, they partner with us.

All this requires more data, more network nodes, and more servers in more locations. For Zayo, this demands a constant commitment to exceeding expectations and making what’s next possible.

At Zayo, our purpose connects us.

At Zayo, we connect what’s next.

Experience our new purpose and brand in action here on our new website.