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Novva achieves unprecedented innovation and scale with Zayo connectivity


Novva had ambitious goals to reach unprecedented innovation and scale with their Utah-based data center. The missing piece? An equally motivated connectivity partner.

The Novva team in Utah was tasked with a massive goal. They wished to become Utah’s largest hyperscale data center campus, equipped with the technology to support multiple large clients at once. Armed with 100 acres, 1.5 million square feet of data center space, and huge ambitions, the team set to work.

Novva thought big – not only did they want to be the largest hyperscale data center campus in Utah, but they also wanted to provide a modern data center experience that took forward-thinking, smart building technologies and the efficient use of resources into consideration.

They envisioned a data center with smart monitoring from robotic dogs and drones, a self-cooling, waterless HVAC system, electromagnetic-pulse-protection paint, a 200-megawatt substation with N+1 redundancy, and concrete walls with more than three feet of insulation.

But a critical piece of the puzzle was needed before they set to work: connectivity.

Luckily, Novva found the partner they needed to achieve their goals and scale their business in Zayo.

Zayo + Novva = a Powerful Partnership

Ultimately, Zayo offered Novva the connectivity they needed to succeed.

Novva founder and CEO Wes Swenson says, “Zayo’s at the top of our list when it comes to connectivity and fiber in the ground to all the major markets that our clients need. Everybody else would be a distant second to Zayo on that infrastructure.”

Working closely together with Novva, Zayo installed a diverse four fiber dark fiber ring connecting the data center to two major aggregation hubs in Utah. Zayo also delivered 100G dedicated internet service to support the data center’s high-bandwidth needs.

Zayo’s solutions offered:

  • Resiliency against unpredicted threats. Zayo offers the broad, deep, and diverse fiber routes required for a resilient network. For a data center of Novva’s scale, it’s important to keep up and running no matter what happens.
  • Low latency. Zayo designs fiber and aggregation points with scalability in mind, meaning less downtime for customers like Novva, beating other carriers by 10-20% in speed.
  • Massive network scale and strategic placement. Zayo boasts an extensive, countrywide and global network of dark fiber, lending to Novva’s ability to scale as needed.
  • Partnership and service delivery Novva can count on. Not only has Zayo been a strategic partner for Novva, we’ve also assisted on many other data center builds and have forged longstanding partnerships in the process.

Achieving Data Center Greatness with Reliable Connectivity

With a new partnership in place, Zayo provides high-bandwidth fiber connectivity to Novva’s state-of-the-art Utah data center. When the flagship center was built in September 2021, Novva achieved its goal of becoming the largest hyperscale, multi-tenant data center campus, as they’d initially set out to do.

Now, they offer a combination of world-class wholesale and colocation services – something Novva’s Wes Swenson calls “wholocation”. With this offering, Novva can service several large clients on a single campus – and Zayo’s network makes it possible. Zayo’s massive network also allows Novva speculative inventory to leverage when they need it, helping them scale with customers and remain flexible in the face of unpredictable events.

Providing World-Class Connectivity and Partnership to Market-Leading Organizations

Zayo’s worldwide network focused on large bandwidth and low latency connections to major aggregation edge sites and cloud providers has attracted several top-performing organizations like Novva. We are true partners – providing our customers with flexibility and working with them to develop solutions based on their specific needs.