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As you know, Zayo’s mission-critical network is growing. We’ve just reached another exciting milestone in our growth, and we’d like to share the news. Today we’re announcing, in alignment with Euronext’s 2022 relocation of its data center to Bergamo, the enhancement and expansion of our 100/400G+ network in Northern Italy.

Following Euronext’s announcement to relocate critical financial services infrastructure to Italy, we have committed to designing and building low latency, scalable, and highly secure direct infrastructure to the Euronext location. In addition, we’re expanding our connectivity across a number of other facilities in the market to serve the broader financial services and enterprise ecosystem that’s developing in the region. Investing substantial effort and capital, we’re working to improve fiber routing and diversity, building out new connections, and deploying an L2/L3 network in and around Milan and Bergamo.

If you’re wondering about the power of Zayo’s connections, we’re delivering:

  • Connectivity to five key Milan data centers, including:
  • Aruba (Home of Euronext)
  • BT Datacentre  (Home of the Italian Borse DC)
  • Equinix ML2 & ML5 (new hyperscale and retail hub)
  • DATA4 (arguably the “home of the cloud” in the region)
  • Links to twenty-two financial exchanges, bringing fast and reliable connectivity to the global stock exchange network, including enhanced ULL routes to Euronext’s new home, Aruba, Bergamo
  • 100/400G+ flex-enabled transport network
  • CloudLink and cloud on-ramp abilities
  • Diverse entries to and exits from all data centers
  • New Peering Capacity on the Milan Internet Exchange that will follow in 2022

As a leading global provider of fiber-based communications solutions, we remain committed to supporting the needs of our customers as they pursue digital transformation initiatives. To learn more about what we do, visit us at

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