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Is Your Network Impeding Your Omnichannel Retail Strategy?


Let’s face facts. Retailers are doing amazing work devising and deploying compelling omnichannel retail experiences, that span in-store and online experiences. They know that they’re being expected by leaders and the market to deliver distinctive, customer-centric brand experiences across every channel, and the ones who do it well will be rewarded with better engagement and retention…which turns into better brand recognition…and better revenue.

Unfortunately, many retailers, especially mid-sized ones, are pushing their existing network technologies to the limit, discovering in the process that they need new underlying infrastructure capabilities.

Some of the challenges include:

  • Patchy connections inside the store – perhaps WiFi isn’t sufficient.
  • Sufficient performance and resilience – throughout and latency from store to cloud and back again isn’t predictable.
  • The ability to cross-link disconnected data sets, and conduct near real-time analysis is impeded by connection problems.
  • Manual intervention is still a daily task, even in the face of skill shortages
  • Keeping infrastructure safe and secure is harder than ever before.

These challenges stand in the way of innovative experiences, and many retailers don’t have the right network partners with the right breadth and depth of expertise AND technologies to help them move past the status quo toward a better future that delivers greater efficiency, adaptability, and versatility.

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Fortunately, thanks to our experience of working with retailers, we have deep insight into the trends retailers face, the challenges they struggle to overcome, and possibilities they may not have considered…but could solve their problems.

In our latest thought leadership paper, From Stockroom to Showroom: How Network Innovation Helps Mid-Sized Retailers Power Better Omnichannel Retail, we give you a concentrated overview of our experiences. In it, we’ll explore the trends and challenges retailers face when working toward omnichannel, uncover network technologies that solve problems and unlock opportunities, and then give you a short view of just how Zayo can help.