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Introducing Zayo’s Shielded Virtual Network: Our Newest Enterprise Internet Bundle

By Meghan Radelet, Director of Product Marketing

After more than two years of remote work, companies are preparing to return their workforce to the office, with many offering hybrid options as well. In Dallas as an example, more than 4 out of 10 office workers are logging at least some time in person. As the world is gearing up to go back to work, the number one thing every employer should be thinking about is whether their network is ready for the increased volume. Our midsize and enterprise customers are dealing with more pressure on bandwidth, security concerns, and an increasing reliance on cloud services. Whether you are transferring data to the cloud, moving data across your private network or the public internet, or making sure your business has the capacity it needs, it’s critical to have a network that can handle the demands.

Zayo’s’ newest product bundle, Shielded Virtual Network (SVN), is a networking “easy button” that provides:

  1. Private connectivity between multiple locations.
  2. Business internet and internet security for individual sites in our key markets (Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Indianapolis, Phoenix, Seattle, Toronto).
  3. Optional dedicated connectivity to the cloud with 50+ cloud service and SaaS providers.

With SVN, you can get everything you need to connect your sites to each other, to the internet, and to the cloud, all in one bundle while working with a single vendor. Getting your network solution from Zayo ensures that you have one point of contact for your network without the need to deal with schedules, billing, and support from multiple providers.

Securely Connect your Locations

SVN consists of several separate Zayo products in one – IP VPN, individual-site Dedicated Internet Access and DDoS Protection, and CloudLink. With Zayo’s IP VPN, SVN allows you to connect multiple offices, data centers, and cloud sites safely and securely without needing a large IT department. You can transmit your most sensitive data between your locations without worrying about security.

Access Dedicated Internet

Our Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) provides a reliable internet connection via a dedicated pipe on a multi-service port, meaning it is subscribed to your company only. No oversubscription, no contention, and no sharing your internet connection with other tenants in the building.

Protect Yourself from Cyber Attacks

With SVN, your internet access comes with DDoS Protection, providing a security solution for the most prevalent type of cyber attack. A DDoS attack occurs roughly every 4 seconds around the globe. DDoS attacks can risk time, money, security, and the priceless trust of your customers. Zayo’s advanced DDoS Protection can identify and mitigate DDoS attacks before they get the chance to have an impact on your business. Zayo has a 25 Tbps filtering capacity to help mitigate even the biggest attacks.

Move Your Data to the Cloud

SVN also allows you to connect your business to the cloud with Zayo’s CloudLink product. CloudLink is an optional add-on that provides a private connection to the cloud, bypassing the public internet and lowering data download fees by as much as 70% while increasing performance by 36%. Adding a CloudLink connection to your SVN service allows you to access the cloud from any location on your network, access multiple clouds, or connect private to public clouds. Zayo provides private connectivity to 50+ cloud service and SaaS providers.

Make Networking Easy

Our global network combined with this new bundle of services provides you with secure connectivity that takes you anywhere you need to be in the most convenient, cost-effective way possible.

Working with Zayo is easy. We have localized our network and customer support to provide immediate, attentive service. Quoting is quick and local teams are always available to answer questions. Tranzact, our customer portal, provides instant quotes at any time.

For now, SVN will be available in six markets: Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Indianapolis, Phoenix, Seattle, and Toronto, with plans to expand into others. To purchase SVN, at least one of your buildings has to be on-net in one of those six markets. Visit Zayo Enterprise Solutions to learn more about SVN or find out if you qualify.

Not a multi-site business? Check out Shielded Internet Access (SIA).