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How Zayo Is Meeting the Low Latency Needs of Its Financial Services Customers


At Zayo, we know the importance of having low latency connectivity in today’s fast-moving world. Businesses need to reach offices, data centers and cloud service providers in real-time, both locally and globally, so their critical operations can function without interruption.

That’s why we continuously invest in our Global Low Latency Network. Through it, we have unique fiber assets that provide pre-provisioned, diverse, direct and low latency routes to major commerce hubs worldwide. This enables our customers, specifically those within the financial sector, to have robust and secure paths to wherever their business needs are.

Expanding into New Markets with Our Global Low Latency Network

Our vast and dependable Global Low Latency Network allows us to support the low latency needs of our financial sector customers, which include the world’s largest liquidity providers and market participants. Supplying our financial services customers — many of whom need to reach the world’s largest centers of commerce — with reliable connectivity is one of Zayo’s priorities.

Part of supplying connectivity means anticipating the markets that will enable our customers to connect with major metro data centers or key financial exchanges worldwide. That’s why we’ve expanded our Global Low Latency Network into São Paulo, Brazil.

The Significance of Zayo’s São Paulo Expansion

Zayo remains at the forefront of the financial industry by operating and diversifying its low latency routes between crucial financial institutions and trading exchanges located in New York City, Chicago, Toronto, the New Jersey Equity Triangle and London. Expanding Zayo’s footprint into Latin America, particularly São Paolo, was the next obvious choice.

São Paulo is emerging as a key Latin American hub for commercial and financial exchanges. This new route will give trading participants direct access to high-frequency trade execution and market data across multiple asset classes.

Zayo’s new route offers pre-provisioned capacity and fixed routing to four São Paulo data centers — including the B3 exchange — for fast service delivery, diversity and reliability. As a result, our customers can react to market events faster than their competitors, increasing trade profitability.