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How We’re Investing in Our Network – and Our Customers


The world is more dependent on consistent bandwidth now than ever before. Enterprises and customers alike demand an “always-on” connection wherever they are. A reliable, resilient, modern network foundation is needed to make always-on, dependable bandwidth a reality.

That’s why we’re excited to share our continued investment in our network. Our expansive network is on track to become best-in-class with network quality being a competitive advantage. In order to achieve this, we’re building new routes, fortifying existing ones with 400G, and upgrading all of our technology.  This is all to support our customers and fulfill their needs.

Building and overbuilding capacity

One of our top priorities is expanding our network and overbuilding our current routes to keep up with demand.

We’re adding unique routes to our network for additional diversity. This includes regional express routes that enable even lower latency and higher availability and service quality to these areas. In addition to our new routes, we’re overbuilding our entire network with 400G and enabling 800G in some areas. We plan to invest significantly in 800G in the next year to prepare for even greater demands for capacity.

Furthering the expansion of our terrestrial fiber networks, we’re also investing in subsea capacity. Our subsea routes connect customers to international markets and network routes on different continents.

zayo global subsea network map

Facilitating the future of work

Workforces are increasingly dispersed as more and more people work from hybrid and remote environments. This new paradigm creates a need for higher bandwidth solutions in new areas. With our regional network deployments and metro expansion projects, we’re enabling greater bandwidth in key areas.

At the same time, we continue to modernize our networks in both rural and urban areas. Our goal is to ensure reliable capacity everywhere our customers need it. By adding diversity and fault tolerance to our network, we’re focused on providing best in class performance across the entirety of our footprint.

Empowering next-generation technology adoption

On top of our network expansion and overbuilding efforts, we are investing heavily in automation. This automation includes rapid activation of our services, and software-controlled bandwidth on demand meaning our customers can maximize what they buy from Zayo.

Furthermore, Zayo will be at the forefront of providing leading-edge technologies. One example is SD-WAN, which is critical to our customer’s ability to digitally transform and innovate. With the unexpected rise of remote work, enterprises needed to quickly move more applications to the cloud to ensure business continuity.  SD-WAN will also enable their ability to efficiently manage connectivity, security, and VPNs from remote locations. SD-WAN helps solve common network issues today by optimizing bandwidth and performance.

A network that puts customers first

We’re fortunate to have investors who support our commitment to our customers and the investments required in our network and new technology. We pride ourselves on putting the customer at the core of our every business decision. In fact, we built our current investment strategy based on feedback from customer surveys.

For example, our customers expressed interest in SD-WAN. To answer this need, we recently acquired one of the biggest players in the SD-WAN space, QOS Networks, and launched our market-leading edge network solutions portfolio. This comprehensive suite of edge solutions includes SD-WAN, SASE, UCaaS, cloud networking, security solutions, and more.

Once our customers choose Zayo as their solutions provider, we’re committed to their success at every step of the journey. Our client success teams provide seamless communications and focus from the initial purchase through the activation process and into the performance of the services after implementation.

Our customers are ultimately what drive our business forward. We aim to give back by offering best-in-class service and the solutions they need to power their business.