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Fan Controlled Football partners with Zayo for reliable, extensive bandwidth

Case Study

Digitally Disrupting Spectator Sports

The league, Fan Controlled Football (FCF), has reinvented professional sports for the digitally native fan. Bringing a revolutionary degree of interactivity to the game where the fans, rather than the coaching staff, call the plays. Fans also draft the rosters, vote on jersey designs, and decide close calls on replays.

In the concept of merging the ‘Gaming’ world with live professional football, FCF required a tech stack that keeps this hyperconnected football game running on game day. For their immense growth, plenty of bandwidth, reliability and latency were top of mind. After the first season, FCF was ready to put their tech stack and proprietary software to test as they were now moving into a dedicated venue. Learn more about how Fan Controlled Football partnered with Zayo to create a custom solution that met their extensive and demanding needs.

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