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How ENA by Zayo got one school district to 99.99% uptime while saving money

$500,000 saved when PGCPS switched to ENA by Zayo

ENA by Zayo is a leader in providing transformative connectivity, communication, cloud, cybersecurity, and technology services to K-12 school districts and other community institutions.

K-12 IT directors and staff were under a tremendous amount of pressure before the COVID-19 pandemic, but the rapid shift to digital learning has exponentially increased their workload. With tech departments stretched to their limits, the critical day-to-day infrastructure management tasks are being relegated down the priority list.

Today, Prince George’s County Public Schools’ (PGCPS) partnership with ENA by Zayo has helped the district ensure that its network and communication platform is always up and running maintaining 99.99% uptime. Switching to ENA by Zayo has saved PGCPS money but also given them the bandwidth needed to support the students and staff. Find out more about how PGCP was able to accomplish this with the help of ENA by Zayo.

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