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Do you suffer from Chronic Network Stress Syndrome (CNSS)?

Network business concept.

Signs of CNSS may include:

• Loss of sleep due to worries about security
• Complaints by end users about network performance
• Nausea related to downtime

Get back control by taking a Network Health Check today.

Network Health Assessment

Important questions to ask your doctor* after you get your test results:

1. What are the greatest immediate risks to my network?

2. Will my current lack of network diversity affect my uptime?

3. I’m experiencing a large proliferation of endpoints: should I be worried about security?

4. I feel shortness of bandwidth: will this affect my end-user experiences?

5. Does my network have hidden symptoms I can’t see?

6. Is relying on MPLS holding me back?

7. Is edge data delivery right for me?

8. Do I need to streamline my packet services?

9. Is Zayo a safe and effective treatment for frequent DDoS/panic attacks?

10. Can I expect better business outcomes with Zayo?

Stop stressing about your network and start living your best life now — take the Network Health Check and talk to your doctor* today to
see if Zayo is right for you.

*Zayo sales representative

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