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Customer Success Profile: Marie Raikes


Marie Raikes

The customer success team has undergone a lot of changes since Marie Raikes, Director, Service Delivery, Control Tower at Zayo joined the team four years ago. 

After a few years of supporting Zayo’s largest customers in the Customer Success Organization, Raikes was recently tasked with revamping the escalations process. “When I started my latest role, there was no documented escalation process to follow and our customers were confused, so I joined the service delivery team to find a temporary solution.” In this role, Raikes pulled together a process and built a dedicated escalation team. 

Since late June, Raikes and her team under Bryan Fleming have re-engineered the service delivery workflow by product group. This way, service delivery experts can move through orders quicker, more accurately, and more cleanly. 

Speaking about working with Fleming, Raikes shares, “Customers should know that we have a new service delivery executive that is engaged, knowledgeable, involved, and knows where all the hurdles are and works to resolve them. He’s a visionary making things happen.” 

Aside from the excitement of a new service delivery executive, Raikes is excited about the new service delivery process the team just rolled out. This new process transforms service delivery on both the front and back end. “We’re doing technical and non-technical front-end validation on every order,” Raikes explains, “With our old process, so many orders had errors, delaying things and complicating communications between service delivery and our customers”

With the new process, once orders come to the service delivery team, they will be scored by complexity and given to teams dedicated to easier or more complex orders. Raikes explains, “This way there won’t be any easier orders aging while our team works through a more complex order. This should help keep things moving.” 

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Our specialized team of experts will be supporting orders by product, as well, creating a better customer experience by ensuring that customers speak with someone who knows their product best. Additionally, on the backend, a full team of engineers will conduct a quality control check before orders are billed, significantly reducing order issues. 

Raikes points to an escalated project for a large international stock exchange as one of her favorite wins so far in the role. “The escalated order went directly to Bryan Fleming without paperwork, and the customer needed service within a week. Bryan tasked the team to be agile and not allow the process to slow us down, so the escalation manager worked outside of the process and got the project done for them on time. The customer was extremely happy and our team proved we could come together for cross-collaboration and find the synergy to move things along.”

“There’s an adrenaline rush you get when you solve a customer problem.”

When asked about what led her to a career in service delivery, Raikes admits, “I never envisioned myself in service delivery, but there’s an adrenaline rush you get when you solve a customer problem – especially when a customer wasn’t happy with us and didn’t want to work with Zayo anymore and then they rethink us.” 

Overall, Raikes is excited to see what positive outcomes result from the new changes in service delivery. “Every day I feel lucky to work at Zayo,” Raikes shares, “We have so much agility to move things along fast.”

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