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Customer Success Profile – Louis Musher

Case Study

by Louis Musher, Dedicated Strategic Customer Success Manager

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Even after 12 years of experience, Louis Musher is hesitant to call himself a client relations expert. “Every day is so different,” he explains, “with new people to talk to and new problems to solve.” He brings this pragmatic humility to the Strategic Customer Success team by being patient and putting the customer’s needs first.

Musher sees his role as a bridge between the brand promise and the customer experience. He wants his team to work as inside advocates for the customer. Often that advocacy translates to Musher simply overseeing customer service journeys through the normal process. “As long as I feel the teams helping the customer aren’t having to take any unnecessary extra steps, we’re in a good place,” he says. But when necessary, he intervenes. Taking the role of inside advocate can mean becoming a customer’s single point of contact, coordinating between different departments within Zayo, or sometimes just sending a timely status update to let the customer know their issue hasn’t been forgotten. Success to Musher is a customer who has “an effortless interaction with Zayo.” They find the team or resource within Zayo that they need and start working towards a solution.

“..An effortless interaction with Zayo…”

“We work with experienced telecom customers,” Louis points out. “They know what it takes to solve the problems we solve. It’s good when they see our teams working, see tangible evidence of the dedicated resources that Zayo is investing in them. But when everything is working right, they just know that they asked for something and they got it.”

Louis has coined his own term to guide positive client outcomes: “I like to use the term customer happiness. We all know if we’re happy or not. Success can be measured in data points. It can be measured objectively, subjectively, but happiness is happiness.”