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Customer Success Profile: Jennifer Brush

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Customer Success Profile: Jennifer Brush

Jennifer Brush, Head of Customer Success, Enterprise and Channel at Zayo developed a passion for customer success in her past nearly 20 years in telecommunications.

A fairly fresh face on the Zayo team, Brush is excited about the opportunity to tap into customer success at Zayo and begin building better employees, teams, and relationships among customers and partners. “We are building our plan,” Brush tells us, “Right now I’m ramping up, sitting in calls when necessary, and figuring out what customers are saying about us and what we need to work on.”

Though new to the Zayo team, Brush is a seasoned veteran in customer success having worked many years in different divisions and spearheading customer success efforts at Verizon.

“True customer success to me is about being part of the customer journey,” Brush shares, “We want to proactively be side-by-side with the customer along the entire journey. We can’t just check something off for them and walk away.” Part of being proactive, to Brush, means knowing what products or services our customers can benefit from before even they know it.”

“True customer success to me is about being part of the customer journey.”

Aside from being an integral part of the customer journey in her role, Brush enjoys the visibility and knowledge she gains from working in customer success. “When you go along the journey with customers and internal stakeholders, you get to learn more aspects about our customers and internal processes” Brush takes this knowledge to relate to customers and feed information back and forth with them to enhance the customer experience.

One of her favorite things about working specifically with partners is the honest feedback she’s able to learn from them. “If you’re willing to listen, partners will give you all of the knowledge you need and it’s important for us to do something with that information.”

Looking ahead to 2023, Brush is excited to continue to build her team and dive deeper into relationships with customers and partners. When it comes to customer success at Zayo, Brush feels “We will continue to go up from here!”