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Customer Success Profile: Ashley Demshki

“When people call, they want you to listen and to know that you understand their problem,” explains Ashley Demshki, Director of Zayo’s Customer Care Center. Having previously worked as a Customer Care Agent and Manager at Zayo before advancing to Director, she learned that often a personal touch is the most important part of helping someone. “We’re here for the human connection,” she adds.

In caring for the volume of customer contacts they encounter, the Care Center maintains standard metrics to ensure they are responding quickly and effectively. Demshki describes their goals: “We have seven seconds to pick up the phone, seven seconds to respond to the first live chat, and one business day to reply to emails.” And once the customer’s present issue is resolved, Demshki asks agents to take the opportunity to let customers know all the other avenues available to them for gathering information about their services in the future. “We want to care for our customers in a timely fashion, whether that’s in real-time or through extended support cases,” she says.

We want to care for our customers in a timely fashion, whether that’s in real-time or through extended support cases

But quality service can’t be sacrificed for expedient service. When reviewing more detailed performance metrics for the month, Demshki’s care team also follows up on customer feedback received about closed cases to make sure there are no lingering issues that may have fallen through the cracks. “When we close out a case for our Customer Success groups,” she says, “we get a survey back from customers, and follow up based on the feedback to be sure that customers are fully satisfied.”

It’s all part of Demshki’s attitude that a Customer Care team should cast a wide net: be accessible to clients in their preferred mode of communication, and be empathetic to whatever issues they are dealing with. “We try to make communication with our team as organic as possible,” she says.

One thing Ashley is most proud of is how easy it is to get in touch with someone at Zayo who will point customers in the right direction. As she says, “it is so easy to talk to a human. And that shows customers that we’re on their side; we care about them and we want to solve their issue.”