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5 Things Commercial Tenants Care about When it Comes to their Network


Attracting and retaining commercial tenants is now more difficult than ever. As employees are increasingly working from home and companies are moving online, the competition in the commercial real estate market is skyrocketing. Some studies even show that businesses value their network over location as a huge concern when searching for office space. As a property manager, you can set yourself apart by understanding your building’s communication network, and ensuring that it meets the needs of these businesses. It’s a powerful weapon – the knowledge that your building’s internet options are strong enough to attract and maintain commercial tenants.

Here are a few things that commercial tenants care about when it comes to their network:

1. Options when choosing providers.

So often, properties only have one service provider to choose from. Businesses take into account price, reliability, ease of use, connection type, download speed, and many other factors when choosing an internet service provider. Businesses love fiber, high upload and download speeds, low prices, and great customer service. If your only option doesn’t meet those criteria, you could be leaving money on the table. However, if your building is on Zayo’s network, you can use that knowledge to your advantage when attracting new tenants. Being able to say that your building is wired with Zayo’s Fiber is a great talking point when getting businesses in the door. Zayo has a huge network, so we might already be connected to all of the buildings you manage.

2. A provider with a wide array of products, including 5G.

One of the most important factors when choosing an internet service provider is the number of products and services offered. Multiple connection types and bundled offerings routinely make the difference when choosing between providers. A  full suite of products like Zayo’s makes network connections for your tenants so much easier.

Zayo offers enterprise-level solutions to mid-sized customers, giving them a Tier 1 network with all the scalability and security they need. And don’t forget 5G capabilities. A building where companies can take advantage of 5G is an immediate attractor. Zayo is uniquely positioned to support 5G. We have the mobile infrastructure experience, 5G-ready fiber assets, and the geographic breadth to support what’s next for your property.

3. Redundancy – in a good way.

When you think of “redundancy,” you may imagine negative things, like corporate layoffs. But, in networking, redundancy is a must. It’s a wide safety net. Redundancy in networking is the practice of installing multiple points of entry or pathways to ensure an alternate source in case your primary connection fails.

When there’s an outage, or an accident happens, do you have a backup plan? Making sure your network has redundancies can be a great value proposition for businesses choosing a property. Knowing that they won’t be out of luck if something goes wrong can give them valuable peace of mind. If your building has multiple network pathways for protection if one fails, let your potential tenants know about it. Contact us to find out how many points of entry you have.

4. Internet bandwidth that’s always there.

Maybe the most obvious factor that businesses care about in their network is their internet speed and capacity. How fast can they upload and download data? How many devices can their network handle? Are they promised that speed or are they sharing their connection with other people in the area or building? Having a dedicated internet connection could be a huge selling point for a property. Knowing that their network can support their needs without behind-the-scenes throttling or bottlenecking can give companies the peace of mind needed to focus on what they do best.

5. Local Networking Experts.

As a property manager, you probably don’t have time to become an expert on network providers. And not every business has a large IT department or a team of experts that know exactly what their business needs either. The best thing you can do as a property manager is to make sure you know what providers are in your building and what they can offer. It’s easy to figure out if your building is built out with Zayo, and we can provide you with all the information you need to make sure you can answer your tenants’ questions. Let us be the experts for you. We are bigger than regional carriers but we have a smaller feel. Zayo has a team of localized staff that know your area, your problems, and possible solutions. We have a 24/7 helpdesk that can assist you or your tenants with any questions or issues you may have.

Your building is your biggest asset. Don’t leave your network up to a guess.

Contact us to find out if you are on Zayo’s network and we can set you up with some valuable information about our network that you can share with your tenants.