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What’s next?

Learn about the origins of the edge network model and where it’s going next.

Since its inception, the idea of edge computing has pushed at the boundaries of network design. From the edge to core, edge to cloud, and edge to edge, Zayo’s solutions provide tailored connectivity to everything. Explore the history and future of the edge by downloading our infographic.

Curious to learn about Zayo’s path forward?

For a more in-depth discussion, download our whitepaper on the Evolution of the Edge.



Modernize your omnichannel strategy to meet customer demands


Next-generation digital services for patient care


Shift from a traditional banking model to a digital-first approach

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How Network Optimization Supports Banks and Credit Unions

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Transforming Healthcare Outcomes With Network-Enabled Digital Services

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Boost Your Omnichannel Retail Strategy With an Optimized Network

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Move past legacy limits, from core to cloud to edge

A proven advisor for large-scale SD-WAN implementations.

SASE & Security

Holistic edge security solution

Zayo’s SASE services protect your business with a scalable solution covering threats from the Internet, Cloud, and partner networks.