Flexible, Fast, Scalable WDM Transport


Wavelength service is a scalable solution for linking bandwidth-intensive sites on both metro and intercity routes. For large bandwidth consumers, wavelengths offers an efficient cost profile while minimizing customer capital and necessary expertise.

Wavelength Service Overview

  • 1G, 2.5G, 10G or 100G
  • Strong connectivity between Tier 1-5 cities markets
  • Targeting major traffic aggregation sites for CAPEX investments
  • Diversity and sub-50 ms protection switching available
  • Option to specify A-Z path, supporting diversity even for routes procured from a different carrier
  • Flexible network topologies, single or multiple waves
  • Exclusive low-latency routes available on Zayo network
  • Flexibility to specify protocols and security measures
  • LAN PHY and WAN PHY options available
  • Full SLA guarantees and single point of accountability
Long-haul Network
100G Routes
Dedicated DWDM
Low Latency Routes


Zayo has implemented 100G Wavelength equipment in major US and European markets, enabling cost-efficient, high-bandwidth service. Zayo provides native 100G Wavelength connectivity to key traffic aggregation points and IP nodes on intercity and metro routes. 100G Wavelength services enable customers to meet growing bandwidth needs and secure efficiencies over previous platforms.

To learn more about Zayo's 100G wavelength services deployment, read:

If your organization needs the security and dependability of a private network but do not want the responsibility of owning and operating your own network infrastructure, then Zayo’s private wavelength option might be suitable for your organization. This service offers wavelength connectivity on dedicated fiber and dedicated optical equipment, allowing you to securely connect high-bandwidth facilities within a metro or from city to city.

Zayo’s low-latency routes provide financial, carrier and enterprise customers the advantage of rapid service between core locations. The company has invested in new routes and optronics to eliminate local stops, reduce distance, and minimize regens. For more information, visit Zayo's Financial / Low Latency page.

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About Zayo
Zayo Group is a global provider of bandwidth infrastructure services, including dark fiber, wavelengths, Ethernet, IP services, SONET, carrier-neutral colocation, and technical services.

Our network footprint stretches over 76,770 route miles, providing fiber-based connectivity between major data centers, carrier PoPs, enterprise buildings, and more.