About Zayo

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About Zayo

Zayo Group is a global provider of bandwidth infrastructure services, including dark fiber, wavelengths, SONET, Ethernet, IP services, and carrier-neutral colocation and interconnection. Our network footprint extends 77,113 route miles, with connectivity on dense metro and intercity fiber assets. Zayo was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, with European headquarters in London and Paris.


Our mission is to be the premier provider of bandwidth infrastructure services in the United States, Europe, and beyond for years and decades to come. We seek to accomplish this goal through our steadfast commitment to:

  • Our Employees: Provide an environment where we are the employer of choice for highly skilled, entrepreneurial employees who want to build their careers in the transformational technology space while being key contributors to a winning organization.
  • Our Customers: Provide exceptional performance for customers, starting with the best purchasing and solution design experience and continuing through service activation, billing, and service management, thereby earning the role of trusted advisor and strategic partner.
  • Our Services: Offer innovative physical infrastructure (fiber, space and power, and mobile infrastructure) and lit services (Wavelengths, Ethernet, IP, and SONET) to the customers who most depend on bandwidth for their business activities.
  • Our Network: Develop and manage network and colocation assets, the strategic underpinnings of our service offerings, through investments and acquisitions.
  • Our Stockholders: Deliver exceptional results to our stockholders supported by transparent and consistent measurement and disclosure of business performance, and a compensation philosophy that aligns the interests of management and employees with those of stockholders.

Physical Infrastructure

  • Dark Fiber: leveraging existing Zayo fiber assets and organic construction
  • Carrier-Neutral Colocation and Interconnection: dedicated facilities to house equipment and connect to external networks
  • Mobile Infrastructure: Tower Backhaul, Small Cells, and DAS

Lit Services

  • Wavelength: scalable WDM transport
  • Ethernet: MEF-Certified Ethernet product portfolio
  • IP Services: IP Transit, Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), IP-VPN
  • SONET: protected, dedicated connection for data, video and voice

Other Services

  • Zayo Professional Services: network management and technical services
  • Zayo France: France bandwidth infrastructure business (incorporated Neo Telecoms acquisition)

Our Network & Facilities

Zayo’s network serves eight countries and 45 states, plus Washington D.C. The network connects the largest U.S. and European cities, as well as many Tier 2–5 U.S. markets. Zayo’s network reaches 14,490 buildings, including 527 data centers, 589 carrier POPs, and 7,982 enterprise buildings. Zayo also has 204,000 billable square feet of colocation and interconnection space. For more detailed network information, visit our Network Overview page.

For Sales, call Zayo at (866) 364-6033
About Zayo
Zayo Group is a global provider of bandwidth infrastructure services, including dark fiber, wavelengths, Ethernet, IP services, SONET, carrier-neutral colocation, and technical services.

Our network footprint extends over 77,113 route miles, providing fiber-based connectivity between major data centers, carrier PoPs, enterprise buildings, and more.