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We know the industry is changing. Carrier mergers can have a number of harmful impacts on customers. M&A activity consolidates the market, often leading to a more monopolized approach to providing service. With the power of a greater share of the market now in hand, carriers who used to have a laser focus on customer service may soften that focus. 

With the reduced competition consolidation brings, providers are emboldened to increase prices and reduce overall service choice, forcing their newly-acquired customer base into more “modern” technologies – while sunsetting the networking solutions those companies have relied on.  

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Carrier mergers can also push bandwidth into the category of “commodity.” When bandwidth is treated like a commodity, carriers no longer build, but lease mass amounts from hundreds of providers, and position it for sale based on price.

But there’s nothing commoditized about your network. Its design was carefully considered and its functionality serves your business’s specific requirements.

Now’s a good time to get to know Zayo.

Zayo has built, owns and operates one of the world’s largest, best connected, and best performing fiber-optic networks. Our network offers over 16M miles of fiber, covering 137,000 route miles of geography, in over 400 markets globally. We have invested over $1B in the past year grooming, hardening, staffing, and optimizing our network’s performance. 

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Over this fiber, Zayo offers MPLS VPN and Ethernet packet services. We offer metro and long haul dark fiber, wavelengths up to 400 Gbps (800 Gbps in some regions), IP services such as IP Transit and Dedicated Internet Access (over AS6461 – one of the world’s largest and best-performing Tier 1 IP networks), SD-WAN, SASE, Unified Communications, a full spectrum of Edge and Security services, dedicated and hosted Cloud connectivity to your favorite CSP, Wireless and 5G connectivity solutions, and much more.

Zayo: Your Networking Partner

Zayo can meet you where you are and help you switch to a more reliable network without changing your technology. We understand that a well-designed MPLS VPN is the workhorse powering many companies’ innovations, and we would be honored to continue to support your MPLS infrastructure, for as long as you need us to.

When you decide it’s time to change technologies, Zayo’s network is ready to serve. 

If you want your vendor to take on your network’s management, our SD-WAN and SASE solutions offer the intelligence, proactive network fixes, distributed zero trust security, and deep insights only AI can bring. 

If on the other hand, you decide to build and manage your own network, Zayo’s global dark fiber offerings will set you on that path, without a large up-front investment.

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A dedicated sales team understands your business and your goals, and will work with you to design the right solution. Zayo is trusted by enterprises large and small to design and manage unique (not commoditized) networks tailored to their specific business needs.  

Our network is unmatched. Rather than waiting to see what happens with the next carrier merger, take charge of your networking decisions, innovation and growth with Zayo.

We stand for quality. Going with the lowest-cost provider is tempting, we know. But what’s the price of an outage or degraded service during a customer transaction?

We focus on enterprise solutions. From the Edge to the Core to the Cloud, we have structured our business to address the specific needs of enterprises of all sizes. 

Here’s how customers trust Zayo with their networks.

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