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Infrastructure Resilience in the Face of Hurricane Ian


With Hurricane Ian battering the Southeast this week, it is critical that telecommunications and technology providers step up and help restore vital infrastructure to regions hardest hit by this natural disaster. 

Part of ensuring resilience when natural disasters occur is being proactive. Our teams at Zayo had been conducting preparedness checks prior to Hurricane Ian’s landfall in Florida to minimize outages in the region. Our NCC, Field Operations, Infrastructure, and Change Management teams have been working around the clock to keep things up and running for our customers and the communities they serve in the Southeast. 

Proactive measures from our team in the affected regions include:

  • Opening NOC cases proactively and tracking the event. 
  • Reviewing sites and locations at risk to ensure there are no standing issues in these locations. 
  • Proactively fueling generators at our major facilities and keeping re-fuel vendors on standby. 
  • Reviewing sites in the path of the storm and ensuring portable generators are in working condition and no critical infrastructure issues exist. 
  • Reviewing network systems within the region for standing conditions across all platforms. 
  • Proactively reviewing Change Management to ensure they are on standby if needed. 
  • Heightening the level of awareness and monitoring of the projected impact area. 
  • Taking detailed account of repair and field staffing in the area if an outage occurs 
  • Confirming vehicles are properly fueled and stocked with the necessary equipment.  
  • Coordinating with DHS and FEMA to ensure field operations teams have the credentials needed to access the area to make repairs to the network if necessary. 

When a natural disaster hits your region, do you trust that your network infrastructure provider will be there to support your business? At Zayo, preparedness and responsiveness are part of our DNA and keeping your business running is our number one priority.