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Zayo’s Randy Brogle Appointed to FCC Broadband Advisory Committee Work Group

Working group to evaluate regulatory barriers to infrastructure investment

With gigabit internet available to consumers in a growing number of cities, it’s easy to forget that some Americans lack access to high-speed internet. In rural areas, approximately 40 percent of the population lack access to fast internet, which the Federal Communications Commission defines at 25 Mbps download speeds and 3 Mbps upload speed — fast enough for communications and high-quality streaming for most multi-device households.

The challenge of providing fixed or mobile broadband to rural areas is complex. In addition to the technology issues of providing services in rural and remote areas, the economics related to fixed installation costs for low density populations have historically been prohibitive for providers, even with federal support through the Universal Service and Connect America Funds.

Zayo’s Randy Brogle, senior vice president of Fiber Solutions Central Region, is a member of a new FCC effort to accelerate deployment of high-speed internet access in all areas of the U.S. Randy was recently appointed to a formal working group of the Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee, a new federal advisory committee formed by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai earlier this year. The group, “Removing State and Local Regulatory Barriers,” will advise the committee on how to reduce or eliminate regulatory barriers to infrastructure investment.

“High-speed internet is vital for communication, employment, education and healthcare for everybody in this country,” said Randy. “I’m honored to be named to this working group, and look forward to collaborating with fellow members to evaluate the regulatory landscape and offer recommendations to the Commission.”

In Randy’s role at Zayo, he is responsible for operations and financials of the company’s fiber network in a 12- state/province region in central North America, including development and construction of new networks that support broadband expansion to both residential and business users. Randy is a seasoned telecommunications professional with over 20 years of industry experience at Zayo, Internet2, Level 3 Communications and MFS Communications.