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Zayo Ramps up Connect to Cloud Capability

By Mike Ruth, Director, Cloud, IoT, Big Data Segments, Zayo

As Pokéman Go’s wild success and equally stellar crashes have demonstrated, the cloud infrastructure for mobile apps, enterprise SaaS platforms and IT workloads is mission critical. You may not be in the business of building the next killer app. But it’s likely you depend on the cloud for servers, computing, storage and more. There are a number of world-class cloud hosting providers, Zayo among them, that provide public cloud, private cloud, and support for hybrid cloud environments.

Choosing the right solution and the right cloud provider is important.

Zayo Cloud Data CenterThe other half of the equation, often overlooked, is equally important: Cloud connectivity over a dedicated fiber network, which provides plenty of bandwidth, low latency, reliability and security. The right provider understands cloud AND connectivity. Without the right connectivity, data doesn’t get to its destination quickly, safely or consistently. The unfortunate result: data slogs along at speeds that were typical in the mid-90s… when the first generation of Pokéman captured our attention.

That’s why Zayo has been ramping up its capacity and support for cloud connectivity. We’ve strengthened our relationships with industry-leading cloud providers – including AWS and Microsoft Azure – increasing bandwidth and adding more cloud on-ramps (points of direct network access to public cloud infrastructure) to address customer demand and fully leverage our cloud partnerships.

Connectivity, when and where you need it.

To support growing demand in Canada and along the west coast, and Zayo’s expanding customer base in Texas, we’ve invested in on-ramps in Toronto, Seattle, Portland, Santa Clara and Dallas. Demand in the government sector has driven addition of on-ramps to AWS Gov Cloud and Microsoft Azure for Government. Zayo now enables direct connectivity to over 35 public cloud on-ramps to AWS, Microsoft, and Google globally, and this number continues to grow.

Our Connect to Cloud solutions, which now connect more than 1,150 data centers and cloud destinations over the Zayo global network, offers high-performance, reliable bandwidth over a dedicated, private network. We also offer a FlexConnect solution, essentially bandwidth on demand, which is ideal for bursting workloads to the cloud. You can scale up or down, and pay only for the data that’s transported.

AWS Recognizes Zayo as Advanced Technology Partner

logo-apn-tech-smallAs we’ve seen our Connect to Cloud business grow, our partners have taken note. Zayo was recently awarded the AWS Advanced Technology Partner designation based on the volume of AWS cloud business we’ve enabled and driven to Amazon. Our customers appreciate the value and expertise we provide in getting them to the cloud.

We’re proud of this designation. And we’re even more gratified by what it represents – connecting global businesses to the cloud platforms they depend upon. It’s another way we’re putting Zayo’s high-performance fiber network to work for our customers.

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