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Zayo is Proud to Support our Nation’s Veterans


Zayo is a fervent supporter of America’s military veterans and their families. Their courage, bravery, and sacrifice make them valued members of our community and valued members of the Zayo workforce.

We see it in action every day here at Zayo, from the innovative thinking and teamwork they bring to our corporate office, to the driven commitment to customer and technical service they show in the field. Our network depends on the skills that they acquired while in the military.

“As a veteran, I understand the need and importance of “completing the mission.” With Zayo’s rapid growth, databases from different software need to be assembled, combined and verified quickly and accurately. Processing this information in an organized, consistent manner increases Zayo’s mission to provide fiber optic infrastructure to our customers. The sense of accomplishment from doing so is as strong here as it was while serving in the military.” — Brian Gillogly, GIS Analyst

As Zayo continues to grow, we look to hire more veterans, as they are proven to perform under pressure, overcome adversity, lead teams and quickly learn new skills as well as technology. We aim to be as devoted to veterans as they are to our country and our business. Stay tuned for more details on our Veteran Recruitment Program and other veteran support programs in the coming weeks. Please take a moment this Veterans’ Day to thank your local veterans, as we owe them a debt of gratitude for their service, leadership and heroism. Happy Veterans’ Day. Thank you for your service.