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Zayo Now Offers Direct Cloud Connectivity to IBM Cloud Through CloudLink

As more and more enterprises increase their dependency on cloud technology and move critical workloads to the IBM Cloud, direct cloud connectivity becomes significantly more important.  Enterprises connecting to the cloud over the public internet may risk unpredictable and unreliable application performance.

Zayo and IBM are now collaborating to meet this need and enable customers to connect directly to the cloud via IBM Cloud Direct Link using Zayo’s CloudLink. The solution will provide direct, private connectivity to the IBM Cloud in Dallas, Toronto and Washington, D.C.

CloudLink offers customers consistent speeds up to 10Gbps through Zayo’s high-performance network routes and protected core network. Enterprises are now able to utilize CloudLink to connect to the IBM Cloud’s Direct Link on-ramps in three major metropolitan cities utilizing various connection protocols including waves, Ethernet and  IP-VPN. CloudLink can be ordered and managed on Zayo’s user-friendly online platform Tranzact.

“CloudLink can give IBM Cloud users a dedicated, secured connection to the applications they rely on for mission-critical workloads every day,” said Tyler Coates, Senior Vice President at Zayo. “Together with IBM, we are offering enterprises a reliable way to implement hybrid cloud solutions, enabling businesses improved access to their critical business data, applications and functions.”

“Private, direct access to IBM Cloud is key for companies who are moving into chapter two of their cloud journey and bringing their critical workloads to cloud environments. By expanding the ecosystem of IBM Cloud Direct Link providers with Zayo, enterprises can run their hybrid cloud environments with security while also gaining access to high value IBM Cloud services including Watson, blockchain and quantum,” said Gabe Montanti, global offering executive for IBM Cloud Direct Link.

IBM is one of the global leaders in enterprise cloud with a platform designed to meet the evolving needs of business and society. IBM’s private, public and hybrid offerings provide the global scale businesses need to support innovation across industries. Moving past productivity and cost improvements, the IBM Cloud is tuned for the AI and data demands that are driving true differentiation in today’s enterprise.

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