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Zayo Launches Tranzact 3.0

New version features major redesign and new customer-focused capabilities

Tranzact, Zayo’s application for shopping, purchasing and managing communications infrastructure, has completed the launch of version 3.0. The significant upgrade introduces new capabilities, a redesigned user interface and streamlined navigation. All customer accounts have been upgraded, and initial customer feedback has been universally positive.

It’s all part of Zayo’s vision to provide an effortless customer experience. The approach has incorporated the best concepts from online consumer retail, making shopping and managing complex infrastructure in a B2B environment as easy as shopping for travel.

The versatile application enables customers to view Zayo’s global network and infrastructure solutions. The new version includes recently acquired West Coast network from Electric Lightwave and provides expanded network mapping tools. Users can shop and compare solutions and get detailed pricing and most provisioning information immediately.

Tranzact now incorporates Zayo’s full portfolio of infrastructure solutions, including data center and cloud infrastructure. Customers can quote and order colocation and interconnection services, with configuration for cages and specification for power in the company’s 40+ data centers.

Zayo’s cloud services, including object-based storage, are now on Tranzact, providing easy configuration and ordering. Object-based storage provides high volumes of storage at a fraction of the cost of traditional storage technology.

Tranzact 3.0 also provides upgraded troubleshooting. Customers are able to open a ticket, check on the status of an order or service request, manage bandwidth utilization and view invoices. One of the new features is a troubleshooting ticket wizard, which prevents the need for a call and shortens the response time.

“The new version gives customers many of the features they have requested, including full transparency into their accounts. Our approach is to listen carefully to and continue to enhance Tranzact based on customer feedback. As a result, we are continuously adding new features and capabilities.”
– Hannah Wanderer, senior vice president of Customer Experience at Zayo

Tranzact includes a live chat button, with the team based in Boulder, Colorado, from 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. MDT.  “Our vision of effortless customer service integrates Tranzact and other digital tools with personalized service from experts,” says Wanderer. “Our goal is a seamless and effortless service experience.”

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