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Zayo in the Community

As Zayo has grown over the past decade so has its commitment to the Colorado community.

Today, our community and civic engagement focus is an extension of who we are and what we value (#engagecommunity): entrepreneurship, STEM and technology education, diversity and sustainability. It’s our way to pay it forward where we live and work.

For Zayo, good citizenship doesn’t mean a financial contribution and a logo at an event. It’s all about meaningful partnerships with non-profits, schools, universities and organizations that are doing important work in Colorado. It’s about Zayo volunteers in the community, making a lasting difference. Above all, it’s about our commitment to inspire and support the next generation of innovators and leaders.

Zayo top corporate fundraiser for the 2017 B Strong Ride
Celestial Seasonings B Strong Ride: Team Zayo was the top corporate fundraiser for the 2017 B Strong Ride, raising money for The Boulder Community Health Center for Integrative Care and the George Karl Foundation.
ZAPS Mentors
ZAPS Mentors: ZAPS (Zayo Achievement Program Scholars) Mentors are paired with students from the University of Colorado’s Engineering School to share their insights and provide support for students pursuing computer science degrees.
SheTech Colorado Engages STEM Students in Design Challenge
TechChallenge: Zayo co-sponsored CTA’s 2017 Women in Tech Conference, hosting an inaugural TechChallenge for 72 ninth and tenth grade girls interested in STEM.
Zayo Coffee Club
Coffee Club: Zayo matches employees with students from Colorado Universities interested in a career at Zayo. Members meet for an informal coffee meeting so candidates can learn more about life at Zayo.
Zayo Launches Sustainability Partnership
Sustainability Initiative: In partnership with the City and County of Boulder, Zayo has a new emphasis on sustainability: expanding its recycling waste reduction efforts, purchasing more compostable office paper supplies, using Zero Waste friendly caterers, and training employees on what goes where.
Zayo supports and sponsors the University of Denver's Project X-ITE
Project X-ITE: From helping on a design optimization project for a dark fiber network to sponsoring the launch of WIN (Women’s Innovation Network), Zayo has been involved on many levels in the first year of the University of Denver’s Project X-ITE.

Above is a sampling of what’s been happening over the summer.

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