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Zayo APAC Expansion Extends Global Reach to 40 Countries

By Grant Burchfield, Director, Global Sales

With the announcement earlier this week of our point of presence (PoP) in Hong Kong, Zayo now has a growing position in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) market. This new capability further supports our company’s vision of serving our customers on a global scale for their most mission-critical business needs.

The past few years have been an opportune time for enterprises to locate or expand their presence in APAC. The region is now the largest e-commerce market in the world, with China, Japan and Australia leading the way. It is home to 55 percent of the world’s population and half of the world’s internet users. Both Hong Kong and Singapore, locations for two of Zayo’s PoPs, are key centers for finance and commerce, and serve as gateways to China and Southeast Asia.

This APAC presence serves as an important extension of Zayo’s existing fiber infrastructure. We now have 114,500 route miles across the U.S., Canada and Europe, with more than 26,000 on-net locations. Our Global Reach solutions help businesses reach an additional 350 data centers in 40 countries and now extends to 50,000 enterprise locations.

What does this mean for our customers?

We can now provide integrated infrastructure services across five continents, including subsea transport. Customers benefit from the combination of strong and growing fiber footprint and carefully negotiated strategic partnerships with local providers, resulting in end-to-end global solutions. In terms of network configuration and performance, the distinction is seamless to our customers.

Zayo also offers an innovative platform to view our global network and transact purchases. With Tranzact, IT and network professionals can evaluate, buy and manage Zayo solutions. Tranzact also enables our teams to engage customers in designing flexible, customized international solutions.

This week’s announcement builds on our commitment to providing growth and opportunity for our customers. We look forward to bringing you the full power of our global communications infrastructure.

Learn more about our Global Reach Solutions.

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