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The World Runs on Bandwidth

Serving customers everywhere they do business

In today’s era of global business, our customers, colleagues, partners and distributors are all over the world. To communicate, collaborate and transact business, we need global connectivity. Business runs on bandwidth, specifically high capacity fiber and high-performance data centers to process and store the huge volumes of data we generate.

We count among our customers some of the largest consumers of bandwidth — content and media companies, carriers, healthcare providers, professional services firms and other large enterprise companies. Many have demands that extend far beyond the boundaries of their home countries.

Zayo has risen to the challenge with a fiber network that now reaches much of North America and Europe. As we continue to expand, our footprint will only serve to provide even more connectivity, with dense fiber footprints in metro areas across our 127,000 route-mile network that includes more than 350 markets, more than 32,000 buildings and 1,150 on-net data centers. Our global reach now extends to more than 39 countries worldwide. All of this adds up to a competitive ability to serve our customers wherever — and everywhere — they do business.

Our network analysts have calculated that Zayo’s infrastructure now includes nearly 11 million miles of fiber. To put that number into perspective:

  • It’s enough to circle the Earth nearly 440 times
  • It’s could go to the moon and back 22 times
  • It’s larger than Saturn’s largest ring

Of course, local and regional infrastructure is equally important — dense, diverse metro fiber and resilient routes that connect key markets. That’s why Zayo has just completed the acquisition of regional provider Neutral Path Communications, which will provide 450 route miles connecting key Midwest markets, including Minneapolis, one of our most fiber-dense markets anywhere. It’s another example of Zayo joining forces with companies that have complementary networks in strategic geographies.

It takes big volumes of fiber with enormous capacity to make the world a smaller place — so we can collaborate with colleagues and partners, communicate across continents and transact business just about anywhere across the globe. The world runs on bandwidth and increasingly, it’s Zayo’s fiber and infrastructure that makes it all possible.

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