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Welcome to zColo’s Data Center in Paris-Vélizy

By: Frederick Coeuille, Director, zColo Europe

“Silicon Velizy”? Mais bien sûr!

Situated southwest of Paris, Vélizy has become a hotbed of innovation and technology. Companies like Hitachi, GE Healthcare and Sun Microsystems all have offices in this vibrant tech and retail corridor. Known as “Silicon Vélizy,” the area has experienced a growing need for communications infrastructure. To meet the demand, zColo has recently opened its fourth Paris metro area data center at 16-18 Avenue de l’Europe in Vélizy.

More Than Space and Power

Zayo’s new 55,000 square-foot facility strengthens our data center footprint in Paris. The site’s unique location and ability to tether to zColo’s central Paris facility at 19/21 Rue Poissonnière creates a unique value proposition for customers. The data center connects to Zayo’s dense metro fiber backbone in Paris — and extends across Zayo’s network throughout France and Northern Europe. It is a key portal to Europe’s four centers for telco and finance: Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Paris (FLAP). This data center will host our 100G network over the FLAP, and provide high-performance connectivity to Spain, Asia and Africa through Marseilles and to North America through Amsterdam or the U.K.

Originally constructed by a military company in the 1970s, the facility is also ideal for disaster recovery. The location has easy commuting access to the site with one airport, two highways and public transport options. Of course, comprehensive security is a priority, with ISO 27001 compliance expected in the first quarter of 2018.

Energy Efficiency: Playing it Cool

In response to the increasing demand for energy consumption, zColo is focusing on highest possible efficiency. zColo has focused on the developing and implementing strategies to manage the power load and increase cooling efficiency.

We have chosen not to use a chilled water solution, which is heavy and inefficient. This system has many external parts and points of risk that may cause failure and unnecessary energy consumption. We are using a very simple and efficient direct expansion (DX) system based on LG’s DRV technology for the outdoor equipment and Emicon for the CRACs and inrow systems.

The DRV technology offers uncompromising performance on a very wide operation range that guarantees cooling capacity even during the hottest summers in France. The compressor speed can be adjusted to the usage in order to limit the power consumption. Zayo has designed the cooling system in a 2N architecture to be fully fault tolerant without wasting a kilowatt of energy.

In addition, the CRAC units have been specially designed to reduce the power consumption inside the data center by orienting the airflow directly to the cabinets within a cold and hot containment. The system can be expanded by adding inrow CRACs within the customer’s cabinets in order to handle very high cooling needs, up to 20kW per square meters.

Other energy-saving initiatives at the data center airflow and temperature management upgrades and LED lighting. With energy savings from these initiatives, zColo intends to run the site with a power usage effectiveness (PUE) rating below 1.25.

Interested in learning more about zColo’s data center in Silicon Paris-Velizy? We’re hosting a grand opening in early March or can arrange a private tour. Please contact me at frederick.coeuille@zayo.com for more information.