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Want to Thrive in 2018? Three Keys to Identifying a Game Changing Technology Partner

By: Karin Ratchinsky, Vice President, Strategic Marketing

There has never been a more exciting time to be a technology leader. Today’s technologies offer unparalleled opportunities to partner with customers and impact their business. AI, M2M learning, advanced analytics, SaaS models and access to compute have been rocking industries from legal to healthcare, retailers to finance and gaming companies to government institutions.

Technology infrastructure is increasingly pivotal across organizational silos as well, which is why an average of 6.8 stakeholders weigh in on each purchasing decision and why 93% of B2B buyers value vendors who demonstrate industry expertise.

If you think of technology infrastructure as ubiquitous your competitors already have an edge. Driverless cars, virtual reality changing rooms, and personalized health through statewide genomics initiatives are just a few ways industries are rapidly evolving through technology. Customers no longer just want a great product, they want a game changing technology partner that can make them more productive, competitive, and personalized.

Leaders are increasingly defined by their ability to effectively marry business and technology strategies – these three attributes are a barometer for selecting game changing partners:

They’ve Invested in Understanding your Business

An architect wouldn’t design a house without deeply consulting the buyer. IT infrastructure players shouldn’t design solutions without understanding unique business needs, industry dynamics, and compliance requirements. Deep vertical knowledge, paired with technical expertise will lead to tailored solutions that enable your business today and in the future.

Transparency and Agility as a Standard

As a company you’re no longer compared to just competitors, you’re compared to every buying experience. Consumers have come to expect transparency, personalization and flexibility. This shouldn’t change in B2B. Organizations benefit from selecting technology partners that are transparent about their solutions including fiber routes, latency commitments, and SLAs. Furthermore, technology partners with platforms offering online ordering, bandwidth usage, dispute tracking and events management real time can make the experience more personalized and effortless for the customer.

They are What They Eat

We live in a fast-paced business environment. Partners should enhance your ability to evolve and adjust. Peel back a few layers on the systems and structures of the organizations you work with to determine if they are bogged down by inefficient legacy systems as these may inhibit your ability to turn on a dime as well.

Business leaders should be demanding of their technology infrastructure partners. This foundation powers phenomenal innovations to enable smart cities, deduce population health trends and transform media and entertainment experiences. As you put your 2018 business and technology strategies in motion, prioritize partners that will truly enable you to change the game.

Karin Ratchinsky is Vice President of Strategic Marketing at Zayo, and an author, speaker and contributor to the technology community. Ratchinsky provides expert industry coverage on trends in B2B technology infrastructure and is passionate about IT as a catalyst for game changing innovations.

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