Zayo’s DDoS Solution Thwarts Attack on Upscale Retailer

Dedicated Internet Access with DDoS Protection Powers eCommerce

Thanks to an appearance of their CEO on reality television, a high-end retailer is now expanding its online presence to serve more rural markets. The exposure to millions of viewers increased awareness of the brand, traffic to their website and demand for the product. The company’s online revenue grew over 500 percent from Q4 in 2017 to Q3 in 2018. The dramatic surge in exposure and online presence led to the retailer becoming a target for a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, which shut down its website for 48 hours.

DDoS attacks can disrupt business operations, damaging a company’s reputation and negatively impacting revenue. Enterprises hit with a DDoS attack have a 70 percent chance of a subsequent attack and recovery is more difficult than ever. According to a 2017 survey conducted by Neustar, 84 percent of enterprise executives had experienced at least one DDoS attack in the last 12 months, a 73 percent increase from 2016. The loss of revenue at peak times caused by a DDoS disruption can cost upwards of $250,000 per hour — and further damage a company’s reputation and jeopardize customer loyalty and retention. DDoS attacks can be used as a distraction for more malicious crimes including stealing confidential customer information and demanding money to discontinue the attack.

This high-end retailer understood the implications of its rapid online growth, fueling the need for high-capacity bandwidth and solid protection against future DDoS attacks. They expanded from one location in California to a second headquarters in New York, requiring 1G of Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) to support traffic demand, a major upgrade from their current 100 Mbps broadband service. While the Brooklyn headquarters was on-net for Zayo, the California location required a build which was delivered within 70 days. Leveraging burstable bandwidth options allowed the business to manage increased business demands, especially during peak traffic hours. The result: they could stay ahead of their competition with quick and fluid website performance for their visitors.

In addition to a high-performance network, Zayo provided a critical protection solution against future DDoS attacks since traditional firewalls and other security measures can no longer effectively detect attacks. Zayo’s DDoS Protection solution minimizes the impact of DDoS attacks by providing protection at the network edge that reroutes potential attack traffic to one or more scrubbing centers, only delivering clean traffic to the customer.

The customer can now manage increased business demands with high 1G aggregate DIA at its two headquarter locations. Since implementation, Zayo successfully mitigated a DDoS attack when traffic volume increased by 50 percent above normal. The customer was experiencing a volumetric DDoS attack, which saturates the bandwidth of the website. Zayo was able to scrub their traffic and direct only clean traffic to the customer. To confirm the attack was over, Zayo waited 24 hours after bad traffic ceased before returning traffic to its original path. The customer could operate business as usual while Zayo defended their network and bandwidth. The combination of DIA and the DDoS Protection solution ensured a secure internet experience for this growing, high-end retailer.

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