Three Questions to Ask When Evaluating Your Google Cloud Platform Connection

In recent years, adoption of cloud has soared as approximately 90% of organizations are now utilizing the cloud for critical business operations. Of companies that have adopted cloud, 91% of have adopted the public cloud and 72% have adopted private cloud, with many companies adopting a hybrid strategy, according to a recent study. Zayo provides connectivity to multiple cloud providers both public and private as part of our mission to support innovation through fibre bandwidth.

With adoption continuing to accelerate, companies seeking ways to optimize their cloud spend. In fact, more than 80 percent of enterprises report that “optimizing cloud costs” is their biggest challenge of 2019, according to the report.

With these trends in mind, Google and Zayo partnered to provide companies a comprehensive, deep-dive into connectivity into Google Cloud Platform in this new whitepaper titled, “Building Direct, High-Performance Connections to Google Cloud Platform.” Zayo’s CloudLink works with GCP’s Interconnect to offer companies a way to create a direct private connection from an enterprise location into GCP that is both high performance and cost-effective.

We invite you to evaluate your connectivity strategy to GCP by exploring the following questions:

  1. Is dedicated Interconnect to the Google Cloud Platform the right solution for my enterprise?
  2. How can I build high performing connections to GCP?
  3. How can I optimize my cloud costs through a dedicated connection?

Explore this new comprehensive whitepaper to further understand how to build high performing connections to the Google Cloud Platform.

Building Direct, High-Performance Connections to Google Cloud Platform