The Progressive Board Award

Meaningful Progress on our Path to a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

Earlier this month, we were honored to receive the Progressive Board Award from the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce in recognition of women on our board of directors. Our board is 30% women, which puts us in the top echelon of not just Colorado companies but of all public companies.

We believe the best corporate governance comes from a board with diverse backgrounds, experience and perspectives. This commitment to all aspects of diversity extends to our entire organization. We know that great ideas can come from any individual in any part of our organization. With the right encouragement and support, these ideas translate to more innovative solutions for our customers, a more engaged workforce and better financial performance.

Both women and men of all backgrounds are central to our effort. Together, we’re working on ways to ensure our workplace is more inclusive. Our partners, like the University of Colorado, are leaders in this effort, and they’re actively helping us to create inclusivity across gender, race, cultural and social boundaries. That’s where the future is headed, and we’re proud to be leading the way.

Zayo works hard to provide our customers with technology that will move them forward. We are also focused on creating a forward-looking workplace as diverse as the companies and communities we serve. The hashtag I use most often is #diversityinnovates. I’m proud to be part of a company that’s addressing the broad challenges of diversity, beginning with our own workplace.

For more, visit the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce. Or, to learn about Zayo’s Board of Directors, click here.