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Standard Protocol on Scalable Transport

Whether you are looking to connect several offices, seamlessly support a large number of users, directly connect to cloud services or access the Internet quickly and reliably, Zayo’s Ethernet service offers the exceptional protection, performance and consistency you need to power your organization.

Our carrier-class Ethernet enables you to:

  • Deliver 10 MB to 100 GB of bandwidth, with options for (QoS) and route protection
  • Leverage standard protocol and support nearly any application
  • Utilize topologies to link LANs across metro, intercity and transatlantic locations
  • Support increasing bandwidth needs, diverse applications and multiple on-net locations





Cloud Connect


Ethernet Product Portfolio

We offer E-Line: Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint and E-LAN: Multipoint-to-Multipoint configurations, as well as an Ethernet Private Dedicated Network (E-PDN) – a completely private and fully managed service with dedicated fiber and equipment. With Zayo’s FlexConnect, there’s no contract, no commitment and no termination fees, so you can easily modify ports and bandwidth to meet changing needs.

High Bandwidth Connectivity

  • MPLS core protected bandwidth options from 10 MB to 100 GB
  • Metro, intercity, and transatlantic circuits
  • Private, dedicated and shared/switched solutions
  • SLAs and geographically diverse NCCs

Flexibility on a Standard Protocol

  • Delivered with fiber directly to your place of business
  • Add locations and scale bandwidth quickly and over the same interface
  • Support multiple services from one interface – VoIP, video and more
  • Protection and low latency options available
  • Layer 2 service delivery

Expedited Install and Competitive Pricing Between Data Centers with zEPath

  • Leverages data center presence to support growing bandwidth needs
  • 20 calendar day install guarantee at qualifying POP’d data centers
  • E-Line Service
  • E-LAN Service
  • Ethernet Private Dedicated Network (E-PDN)
  • Flexible network topologies, including point to point, and point to multipoint
  • Service multiplexing and transparency available
  • No protocol conversion required, ensuring interoperability between your LAN and WAN
  • Simple WAN solution seamlessly connecting remote locations
zayo ethernet evpl
zayo ethernet eline
  • Multipoint-to-multipoint allowing all locations to communicate with each other
  • Flexibility to fine-tune bandwidth capacity per site based on application needs and budget
  • Dedicated and aggregated bandwidth options available
  • Consolidate fragmented legacy networks into one scalable, high performance network
  • Simple WAN solution that is easier to maintain, support and scale
  • Utilizes VPLS communication
zayo ethernet elan
  • Ethernet connectivity across a completely private managed network operated by Zayo with dedicated fiber and equipment
  • On-site control of all equipment
  • Flexible maintenance windows
  • Not affected by any shared network bottlenecks
  • Fewer equipment interfaces and potential fault points

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