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Scalable, Fast-provisioning Ethernet

Seamlessly connect several offices or support a large number of users in multiple locations. Zayo’s carrier-class Ethernet provides protected, consistent transmission of data for enterprises in need of secure, scalable and reliable connectivity.




1G & 10G






Customized Performance

  • Application-aware traffic routing for increased speed and overall performance
  • Committed bandwidth that is easily scalable to meet your needs today and in the future


  • Ensure a secure connection from our fibre to your foundation with our core-protected fibre network
  • Safeguard communications with Transport Layer Security (TLS)


  • Dynamic, smart routing for critical business applications with a need for fast speeds including <50ms re-route
  • Cloud connectivity on Zayo’s owned fibre network for secure transmission directly to your premises

Fibre-Based Network Access

Scalable, Committed Bandwidth 

  • Committed fibre-based access
  • Dedicated 1G – 100G ports
  • Full line rate
  • 14.4 TB capacity
  • 7 TB utilization

Secure, Private Connection to the Cloud

Dedicated Access Strategy

Connect each building to the core network using flexible network topologies, including point-to-point and point-to-multipoint. Don’t share your bandwidth. Grow and scale with Zayo’s fully-committed, fibre-based access strategy.

Zayo’s Ethernet Solutions are built to transfer data and workloads from one location to another across our secure, protected network.

Always-On Network

Employs dynamic, smart-routing so traffic takes the lowest-latency route. In the event there is an outage in the core network, traffic will be re-routed through an alternate path making it perfect for companies needing an always-on, always available solution.

In-House Routing

Zayo’s Ethernet allows for application-aware routing to be kept in-house, for companies needing to prioritize applications and optimize traffic across multiple locations. Keep control of your own routing tables, data prioritization, and application protocols to optimize traffic across your network.

Secure Communications

Rely on the security of Zayo’s private, core-protected network to transport your workloads and data-in-motion to avoid attacks common to the public internet.

Scalable Bandwidth

Zayo’s Ethernet connectivity options are built to support large numbers of users and locations. Bandwidth varies from 10mg to 100G, making it effortless to increase and meet your demand.

Zayo’s Ethernet Solutions

  • Flexible network topologies, including point to point, and point to multipoint
  • Solution multiplexing and transparency available
  • No protocol conversion required, ensuring interoperability between your LAN and WAN
  • Simple WAN solution seamlessly connecting remote locations
  • Ethernet connectivity across a completely private managed network operated by Zayo with dedicated fibre and network components
  • On-site control of all network components
  • Flexible maintenance windows
  • Not affected by any shared network bottlenecks
  • Fewer component interfaces and potential fault points
  • Multipoint-to-multipoint allowing all locations to communicate with each other
  • Flexibility to fine-tune bandwidth capacity per site based on application needs and budget
  • Dedicated and aggregated bandwidth options available
  • Consolidate fragmented legacy networks into one scalable, high-performance network
  • Simple WAN solution that is easier to maintain, support and scale
  • Utilizes VPLS communication
  • Commitment-free usage-based Ethernet for cloud and data centre connectivity
  • No Term Commitment & Early termination liabilities. No Bandwidth Commitment
  • Low Monthly Port Fees from $50 for 500Mb to $250 for 10Gb
  • Pay for Data Transferred at 3 cents per Gigabyte
  • Insta-Connect between 300+ Locations in 30 days or less
  • Industry-Leading Product

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