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Scalable Storage for Your Exponential Growth

Continually adding storage to keep up with ever-growing data volumes can be time consuming. It’s also costly to buy and maintain — and requirements are difficult to predict. Having too much can be as bad as having too little.

New from Zayo: Object-Based Storage

Zayo’s flexible managed storage solutions deliver capacity, performance and scalability tailored to meet your exact requirements. Whether your challenge is big data, virtualized desktop environments or heavy reliance on the cloud, we offer a massively scalable enterprise-grade storage platform that will meet your needs today, tomorrow and for years to come. LEARN MORE >

Flexibility in Design, Operation and Delivery

Our suite of storage solutions also handles short-term data surges. We offer the flexibility to move you to different storage tiers as your requirements change and move you back to more economical systems when the temporary demand has passed.

If you’re not exactly sure how to determine your requirements, we offer an autonomic tiering service that helps ensure that frequently accessed data resides on higher performing disks, while static data remains on more cost-effective storage.

We’ve Got Your Back…Up

Let’s face it, sometimes the unpredictable happens. Hardware may fail. Data could get corrupted. And sometimes human errors lead to data loss.

Our managed data protection provides nightly backups of your most important files, folders and application data to our disk-based platform, where they’re retained for up to four weeks. Your critical data can be stored locally to enable lightning-fast restoration or replicated remotely for effective disaster recovery.

Need long term retention of archival data to meet compliance and support e-discovery? We’ve got you covered. We’ll write your backed up data to tape for transfer to secure offsite vaulting locations.

Save both capital and time with Zayo Managed Storage. Talk to us today >

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